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budget digital interconnect
thanks all - lots of great ideas and helpful info. I meant really cheap - and Loomis' suggestions ($10) are what I was hoping to hear of. 
Antenna for McIntosh MR 71``
get it aligned before you start looking for antennas. once that's squared away, you may not need anything special for an antenna - a rat shack TV one might do just fine, assuming you're not dealing with far-away stations. 
Dedicated lines- need break in?
why not see it as a golden opportunity to do an experiment: get the best field recording set up you can and make a recording from a designated spot, with all the levels noted. do the same in a couple weeks, duplicating all the details, and see if ... 
Milton Nascimento
my favorite Milton Nascimento is a collaboration with Wayne Shorter called 'Native Dancer' - both artists shine on this one and the synergy is seamless. plus, if you're into LPs, it's easy to find on vinyl for cheap. 
Looking for a good Stevie Wonder CD
the '24 bit remastered' CD of fulfillingness' first finale is actually an improvement over the LP (which has a bizarre, intense muting of the high frequencies). 
Auditioning a Tube Amp
in general you can expect better mid-range, a more natural sound, possibly better soundstage - and some 'rolloff' in the bass. if you want to hear what they do well, bring mid-range heavy (voices, jazz ensembles, acoustic instruments). if you want... 
Tube preamplifier tube choice help please
there are at least a few vintage tube dealers on the net with extensive documentation on their sites regarding the different versions of tubes - especially 6SN7s. 
Best blues vocalist
1. Billie Holiday2. Howlin' Wolf3. Hendrix 
DAC's & SACD's. Can they be used? Total novice..
you read it right: SACDs don't work with DACs and you'll need 2 inputs if you want to use a DAC (you can buy a box that will add inputs to solve that one).others will no doubt disagree, but SACDs just aren't the huge dramatic improvement that they... 
Converting Vinyl to digital
hi Riley,I don't know what difference it makes to use different software/hardware since I'm completely satisfied with what I have (I actually bought the Mbox for recording live music) and have no urge to 'upgrade' or do A-B comparisons. as far as ... 
Converting Vinyl to digital
oops - I forgot to answer:I run from preamp to mbox, which is connected (USB) to the computer. 
Converting Vinyl to digital
hi Chris -I use protools because it's what came with my 'Mbox' so you do need the Mbox. this is a downside of protools: dedicated hardware - that other software doesn't require. that being said, Mboxes are ubiquitous and used ones can be found for... 
Converting Vinyl to digital
I'm not sure I'd say that it's all that time-consuming and there are certainly many times when I want a CD of my most frequently listened-to LPs. once I've recorded the LP to HD, it just takes a minute to do the fade-ins/outs and the 'bounce to di... 
Linn Abandons CD Players
to all of the skeptics: do yourself a favor and audition a HD-based system. you can keep your CDs (and fondle them all you like), but those same CDs, when properly downloaded to a HD (using software that pulls all the digits off without any errors... 
how long can you leave a CDP on 'pause'?
my CDP (SCD-1) has a very slow fast forward; if I'm listening to a long piece without 'chapters' and want to go out for a few hours, I'd prefer to put it on pause if it doesn't hurt the little beastie - but, alas, it apparently does. hence the que...