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Getting back into digital. Please help.
if I recall correctly, I listened to an Ayre and a Linn 
Getting back into digital. Please help.
plinko: you posed the question as to whether the new USB DACs sound good. the demo I attended at definitive settled that question in my mind completely, which is why I said in my original post that I'd go the hard drive route if setting up a digit... 
Getting back into digital. Please help.
if I were getting back into digital at this stage I'd definitely be putting together a hard-drive based system. you'll be able to take advantage of the hi-rez stuff that's already coming out (as downloads). not only this, but if you use the right ... 
Refrigerator noise
I've never really investigated this much, but propane-powered refrigerators are dead silent. unfortunately, I was told that they're not legal in non-mobile homes, but who knows? 
Need backup inexpensive phono amp 4 low output mc
if you can find an older CAT SL-1 pre, that might be around $1K, and they have very nice phono sections. they hold their value well too, so you could resell it fairly easily. 
The truth about Stylus wear?
that 100% figure seems unlikely. I have exchanged cartridges (with the old one going back to the manufacturer) after having looked at the old stylus through the microscope - and the wear was easily visible. 
"Internet Radio" Suggestions Please?
kexp is the college station at the univ. of washington. it has gotten a lot of backing from Paul Allen, co-founder of microsoft, so they're very state of the art (multiple formats, archived shows, etc.) and have won awards for their internet stati... 
Left on DVD Too long ? sad mistake ?
I second the 'reset' suggestion. there's gotta be a simple way to do it. check the manual. 
Tuner can be heard through other inputs
are you sure it's not RFI? some people get radio stations' signal in their systems. I assume you've disconnected the tuner to check this, but if not... 
Salif Keita
nice recommendation - I think it's the best afro-pop CD ever made. you might want to check out:Youssou N'dour 'Egypt'Oliver Mtukudzi 'Tuku Music'Baaba Maal w/Mansour Seck 'Djam Leelii'Mahmoud Ahmed 'Ere Mela Mela'Rokia Traori 'Bowmboi'Mahotella Qu... 
Filter settings on Sony SCD XA777ES
I never used them after playing around with them a little bit at first. (I'm probably going to be kicked out of the audiophile club for that offense...) 
Nick Drake and others like him
definitely Elliott Smith (S/T, either/or, XO). also try Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's 'Master and Everyone'. but in the end, Nick Drake remains unique... 
Looking to get into tubes?
rogue cronus 
friend needs help to dispose of inherited vinyl
unless your friend is willing to sell each record individually on ebay - the only way to get anything close to what they're truly worth - you are likely to get pennies on the dollar, value-wise. your best bet is to find a trusted friend (or friend... 
are all amps equal
your friend is silly