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A Paypal Offer - Is This Secure?
Paypal is my preferred way, however it is not foolproof. I recently had trouble with a buyer, he wrongly claimed a piece of gear I sold him did not work several weeks after receiving it. It did work. Well he started a dispute on Paypal. They usual... 
Best Speakers for Nearfield Listening $4k or Less?
There are many that will work. I have been living with a small room (11 X 12) for 17 years. Been through plenty. You need to widen your search. Search speakers for small room, small room, etc. A LOT of discussion on A'Gon about speakers for small ... 
DACs With Killer Built-In Preamps
Not just a DAC, but the Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center mught be of interest: 
Oppo Customer Service Review
ditto the above 
Advent 300
jumpers. you can buy a new pair easily here on A'Gon or elsewhere on the web. 
buyer beware do not buy from this seller
Also agree with last 2 posts. Start a dispute with Audiogon. May not get your money back, but at least maybe some satisfaction. 
Early Naim
You should go to the Naim Audio website and forum.All the info you could ever want will be available there.There is actually a page dedicated to the history of Naim gear on the site. 
Audio Equipment... the word Cool... and Life
Love mine 
OUTLAW RR2150 vs NAD C 326BEE sonic differences?
I should have said I owned the rr2150 and have owned a NAD 375BEE. Not quite the same, but NAD. I have owned many other NAD products, including receivers and CD players.The NAD is a bit "warmer" if that is to your liking, it is mine. Also the volu... 
OUTLAW RR2150 vs NAD C 326BEE sonic differences?
keep the NAD, get a phono stage 
Harbeth P3ESR - What electronics are you using?
might have better response here: 
Integrated Amps that run hot
A space heater would be cheaper :)Class A amps would fit the bill. Not sure of any particular brand, but within your budget, and speaker efficiency, you should try a Tube amp. Might have more choices. 
When does seller's responsibility end?
Anyone still following this thread; here is the update. Paypal ruled in his favor, I received the DAC back. As I suspected it works perfectly. However, it is missing a DIN cable, and the plastic inner wrapping is missing. Also the manual is torn. ... 
Blues: Good Vinyl Recordings
Same topic 2 months ago, though I'm guessing not exclusively vinyl: