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Creek Destiny 1 & Destiny2 Any difference??
Early Destiny amps were made in Great Britain. Later ones are made in China if that makes a difference. 
Reason for selling is...
I buy and sell a lot of gear to try different things. Doesn't mean I didn't like it in my system.Sell lots is stuff that sounded/worked great in my system. 
Does it matter which component I power up first?
Always heard amps...last on, first off. 
When does seller's responsibility end?
I am not a dealer. That was stated in previous post.I have never made money on Audiogon transactions. I just like to try a lot of different gear. Obsessive perhaps, but believe me, I am a private user.I probably should consider becoming a dealer. ... 
When does seller's responsibility end?
JPL1208I agree, almost think it is buyer's remorse. Too late for anything but wait for Paypal. I suspect they are asking buyer for an authorized estimate repair.The bad thing is my Paypal account is virtually frozen til resolved. If I want to buy ... 
When does seller's responsibility end?
BTW, I failed to mention that the buyer in this case had one negative feedback. I overlooked this when offer was accepted. This is a quote from feedback:"bad buyer, Accepted the deal and did not pay as promised,after one week waiting, just left a ... 
When does seller's responsibility end?
Thanks to all.Sgordon1 that is exactly the problem. Nothing has been diagnosed, nor has any cost of repair been put forth. It is all based on his word to Paypal.I believe if the USB isn't working it is due to user error. 
how much is my Perreaux worth ?
check the Audiogon Bluebook 
what Fi?
Amarg,These days some companies are making some very "hifi" all in ones, ie Naim 
Upgrade from Naim nac 122x to nac 202. Worth it?
Look here: 
NAD 375 or NAIM 5i or NAIM Unite Qute
Deetothevee,you can email me: okyknot@gmail.comI think you can go look me up under my username on A'Gon to send message as well.Dan 
You can sure tell the new...
Mr Tennis,"is there something objectionable about the 105 , that would lead you to expect to see a number of recently released players for sale?"You missed the point, probably not well made.The new 105 is out, market is being flooded with the prev... 
You can sure tell the new...
the rest of original post should have read; for used Oppo players. 
NAD 375 or NAIM 5i or NAIM Unite Qute
I have had both amps. Currently have the NAD. Both will be fine with those speakers. Depends on your taste and needs or future needs, power, 2 sets of speakers, tone controls on the NAD. Both are worthy. Message me for more info 
Audiophile blues...
"I have to totally disagree with "sound quality will suck in most cases".Many blues sessions recorded on tube equipment in the 50s."+1