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Any feedback on the Levinson no.390s upgrade ??
Mick...This comes from a very reliable source ..."While the No390S uses a newer DAC and one that is very good, remember that implementation is still just about everything and the No360S still outperforms the No390S by a significant margin."I am al... 
Diana Krall New CD
Ok...just a little strange ..Anyway, Diana new album is really a surprise, as mentioned above, gone is the trio approach that was seductive and soft to a over powering orchestral movements in-between her chores. It actually takes away from her pia... 
Using a two channel pre-amp with a HT processor.
I use a Mark Levinson 380S with Unity gain and it is espcially made to have it incorporated in a Hometheatre, works amazingly well..Can you say best of both worlds !?Matt 
Levinson Amps: What do they really sound like?
I had a 336 and replaced with Halcros, the Levinson gear are sensitive to up/down stream components. I found that the 336 was a pretty good match with my gear but a tad bright due to the Wilson Watt/puppy 6 I own. Mythtrip has a point that he rais... 
Did anyone manage to ``repare'' a buzz, ever?
Is all your gear on one plug or circuit, meaning components on one circuit and amps on a seperate. If so, you may have a ground potential issue.(use an extention cord and test by plugging all devices and amps in same circuit) I am presently experi... 
Power cable and proceed. Which one ?
I am very happy with Harmonic Tech for both the AVP and PMDT, both in 1m lengthMatt 
preamps with 5.1 and ht passthroughs ?
If you are looking to better your 2 chn with an analog pre/amp, well, I just picked up a Mark Levinson 380S and it has a surround option that allows it to feed your Surround Processor through the 2 chn ...sweet 
Toslink Cable Upgrade?
Upgraded to a Transparent Toslink, hum, if the wind blows correctly and the moons are aligned, maybe... a tad better Matt 
My latest find. What's yours?
"Molly Johnston" titile is same Cross between Holly Cole and a sultry voice of jazz singers of the past. From what I understand, she only has 1 CD out, but if this anything of what the future has in store...well, we will be in luck..Check her out,... 
Mark Levinson 380S connectivity -Help
oh crap, so I would need a ML 360 for digital, ok, here is a twist, with the 360 and 380, you now have a great 2 chn system that is ready. The 380 has a line level input to add a Surround processor, I think they call it SSP, the L/R of my Lexicon ... 
ML335 vs 336
I played with both, and finally opted for the 336 really depends what you are driving, I did find I got better punch and lows compared to the 335Matt 
Watt/Puppy 6.0 vs Amati Homage vs Andra
I choose the Wilsons 6es, best sound I have heard, I have not heard the Kharma Ceramique 1.0 ...would of loved to...but they were not available. I big decision must be made based on the connected hardware and type of music. My XRCD Jazz CDs played... 
Vandy 5s vs Wilson W/P 6s
Looks like a split....but...I went with WP6es and combined it with a Wilson WATCH Center...matched up with my 2 chn I ever heard...I really think "again" the purchase should be made to what sound you prefer ! 
What is better ML, Krell or Classe
Even though I finally picked the ML 336 I would have to say that the Pass Labs X350/X600 mono was very close ...very lush..Matt 
Lexicon mc-1 or Proceed avp??
I have the AVP and have to say the MC-1 is better for HT but the AVP (which is no slouch in HT) is outstanding for 2-chn. The AVP offer 7.1 with option to dual subs..very clean sound. I started with being a 60%HT-40%music I now find myself in the ...