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Calling all Legacy Aeris owners
The Aeris have an incredible sweet spot! I've been able to move all around in the room and it is a very natural sweet spot. The whole top section (10" plus 8" drivers) is open baffle which helps form a wide and natural center fill between the spea... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Djesse Vol.2 by Jacob Collier on Tidal. They're master quality recordings, and some of the tracks are incredible sounding. Musically, it's very different. Jacob is a genius! 
Legacy Aeris speaker placement , two wall choice dilemma
Congrats on your Aeris! They're an incredible speaker.I can't quite tell from the diagram and your text what is going on the room- any chance you could upload a photo?It looks like the fireplace wall is most ideal. 
Apple AirPlay 2 for AirPort Express
Elegant streaming to two devices from one source- love it! 
Hidden Treasure
"When I Get My Hands On You" from the album The New Basement TapesBased on Bob Dylan's lyrics :) 
Narrowed to 3: 802D3, Sopra 3, Reference 3
@bassdude  and @mtrot  I actually listened to Leonard on the Aeris! You're spot on with the lower mid bass on them. That midwoofer's magnetic structure alone is 10 lbs, and in that open baffle arrangement, there isn't any cabinet resonance at all.... 
Narrowed to 3: 802D3, Sopra 3, Reference 3
I have to agree with @bassdude on the Legacy Aeris. Of the 3 options, I'd go with the Sopra, but the Aeris has a richness to the texture of instruments and voices that really makes it stand apart from the others. I auditioned the Sopra, 803D and M... 
The best books on music
"This is your brain on Music"- it gets technical and anyone in the music industry or who plays an instrument will definitely find it interesting! 
Best Loudspeakers for Rich Timbre?
To echo previous recommendations- you should really hear the Legacy Audio Aeris. I've heard them with tube amps, solid state amps and Class D amps and every time they sound incredible. If you pair it with their Wavelet you can use the tone control... 
Capital Audio Fest 2016
I enjoyed the look of the big $200k Kef's.My favorite sound was the Legacy Aeris (good WAF too). The Wavelet they're using really took that speaker to a whole new level. Sounded nice with those Raven tubes as well.Great show overall- nice turnout! 
Yo Yo Ma - casually
Love it, and love Appalachian Journey!Thanks for reminding me to take a listen :) 
$15,000 Speaker Does Not List Freq Response Specs
To expand on what has already been said "unless you're listening in an anechoic chamber, aneechoic measurements are useless" is spot on. No audiophile has an anechoic chamber.How a speaker controls itself independently of the room is a much more v... 
Legacy Audio "V" Statement/Flagship Speaker...
I don't think they announced a price for the speakers, but talk seems to be around $50k. Secrets reviewer gave the Legacy best in show, tied with the $195k Focal Grand Utopia. 
When is digital going to get the soul of music?
Digital itself is not the problem. As a medium it is (for the most part) neutral. Digital has opened up the doors to more processing, and what affects soul the most- the ability to fix it later. This putting off of decisions has affected the recor... 
Have you heard pro studio monitors ?
Yes, I have owned Adam Audio and heard all the others, ATC, Genelec, Augspurger etc. The best studio monitors I have found are turned out by Oceanway and Legacy Audio.