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New Nordost Cable Valkyrja
There is a review this month in the UK magazine HiFi+. The basic message is these are as close to Valhalla as one can get without buying a Valhalla, but not quite Valhalla level.Neal 
i2 Digital X-60, digital cable
Great cable for the money, an improvement over D-60, but really not up there with the best. In my experience, this cable is surpassed by Nordost Silver Shadow (good); AZ MC2 (better); Siltech G5 (almost best); and the king of them all, Kharma Gran... 
Any recommandation for the Von Schweikert VR-4 SE
I have VR5 -SE's. The AZ Satori Shotguns work very well with VS speakers, but I just moved to Ensmble speaker cables with Ensemble jumpers and I find their imaging and detail superior and bass is deeper and tighter. About a 15-20% improvement over... 
Krell FPB-300 -W?- Pre- AR MRK 11 or BAT 50SE-51SE
I use a Hovland HP100 pre with Krell FPB 300cx. Marriage made in heaven. no problems with matching.Neal 
Silverline?Thiels? Audio Physic?: Need guidance
I drive my Silverline Sonatina II's with a Krell FPB 300cx power amp (300 watts/ch and very musical; much different than earlier Krells). My speakers sing with this amp. Excellent clarity, tight (but not overly deep) bass, an unequalled midrange a... 
Cardas spkr. cables: Quad vs. Cross vs. Golden Cr
I have used all three. If you can, go for the GC, it is quite audibly the best. But there is a larger increment of improvement between the Cross and the Quad than the Cross and the GC.BTW, I LOVE Cardas interconnects. 
A good integrated amp for Silverline Sonatina II
The thinness is probably coming from your CD Player, and not helped by amp. I have these speakers, and they sound anything but thin. They are wonderfully smooth and full - bodied. I would suggest Cardas Golden Cross (or Cross if that's all you can...