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The DOORS 45's- Any standouts sound wise?
Heard there will be a new box set of Three Dog Night on 78 records 
Anyone know of a source for long-fiber wool?
You can use whatever is leftover for a sweater. 
OSX CD ripping codec
In this case, the adage "bits are bits" is entirely applicable. Lossless is lossless and there's no difference between any lossless format whether aiff, Apple lossless, flac and wav. There may be differences in terms of accessibility and the like ... 
Wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas"
Is there really a need to introduce religion into this hobby and this board? Rhetorical question. 
The Death of Tubes?
The light bulb regulations don't include tubes. No effort is underway, at least seriously, to regulate tubes. 
What Is Your Favorite Vintage Amplifier?
Purely for sentimental reasons, my first piece of stereo kit -- a Harman Kardon 330c receiver that I purchased with my allowance money and some cash I earned shoveling snow for neighbors. 
Review: JBL Studio 530 Monitor
Very colorful review. Thanks for the amusing writing style. In terms of speaker designs that emulate the "naughty bits" (as the boys from Monty Python would say), check out these Decware speakers:http://www.decware.com/newsite/DM945.html 
Best Speakers You Have Ever Heard In Your Home
VMPS 30s 
Good Optical Coaxial cable under $200 ????
One more idea. I went to monoprice.com and purchased one for $25. I compared it against the KImber and WireWorld optical cables and heard zero difference. None. By the way, I have heard differences (many) with speaker cables, so don't discount thi... 
R.I.P. Lou Reed
His fairly recent cd, Perfect Night in London, has amazing sound. Stereotimes agrees. 
IMO the two best tracks to demo or test any system
Apart from Led Zeppelin (the Mothership album is outstanding), I've been using a remaster of Gaucho by Steely Dan (who were incredible in concert last week and featured an incredible sound system). 
The Worst Performance Ever - Really
I thought The Who's performance at the Super Bowl a few years back was one of the saddest thing I've ever seen. If the show hadn't been so elaborately staged, I'd have assumed there was an issue with the monitors and they couldn't hear one another... 
Legacy Audio AERIS: RMAF/listening impressions?
Any outstanding reviews on a site/in a magazine other than TAS? I like their reviews, but given how much advertising Legacy does and how challenging ad revenue is these days, it's fair to look at the TAS with a jaundiced eye. 
VPI Classic Platter - Polishing??
Just curious why you want to do that. Does the stock look, as it were, appear unpleasant? 
Please help me which music is that?
The name of the song is "The Blue Screen of Death."