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Bluesound Node 2 vs. Node (2021)
Marco, I bought a Node in August '21. I don't recall updating the software. I've used the USB to feed an Ares II with no problems. I'm running v.3.18.7 which is current afaik.    
AR 9 LS Speaker Protection question
My guess is that it's your amp. I had a pair of 9 LS that we damaged before we realized that the bridged NAD 2200s were feeding them a kilowatt at 4 ohms. The upper mid/ tweeter failed (they share a magnet). When I called AR the second time they a... 
Led Zeppelin 11
Audioguy, I regret to inform that the nun whacked your knuckles :-)  
Interesting comment on Bose Speakers.....
"Bose no highs no lows" What happened to the suspension system Bose was developing with Lexus? It was supposed to see a bump ahead and lift the wheel up.  
What is your favorite cover?
Slightly off-topic is a never recorded fantasy cover of the Garbage tune "I'm Only Happy When It Rains". I can hear Johnny Cash sing it like it was written for him.  
Russian tube supply issues
Bad news/good news: Looks now like China may help Russia complete their current military project. The only possible motivation is their dislike of the USA. The good news? I think JJ tubes come from Slovakia.  
Best best ballads that refer to a US State
While the various versions of "I've Been Everywhere" include mostly towns rather than states, I'd vote to include it in this thread. Most of you would have heard the Johnny Cash version with North American locations. There's another version only ... 
Best best ballads that refer to a US State
Perry Como easily wins this contest with "Delaware"...   "Delaware" Oh, what did Delaware boy what did Delaware? What did Delaware boy, what did Delaware? She wore a brand New Jersey, she wore a brand New Jersey She wore a brand New Jersey, tha... 
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
Update/correction on Burmester in wagon mentioned above... umm, after two years I finally located the expanded menu for the system and corrected the boomy subwoofer (something called "focus" made the big difference). It's much better now. Of all ... 
To Buy or to DIY, here is my question
You'll have to build the speakers to get the answer to your question! It's like refurbishing an old car; estimate the time and money it'll take and multiply by x, where x is between 2 and 20.  
What does the word audiogon even mean?
Maybe it came from the world of product names, like pharmaceuticals. Or car companies. "Don't drive Stellantis if you are allergic to Stellantis or any of it's ingredients. Tell your service writer about all of the cars you drive. Accidents, incl... 
Aqua 'La Diva' ($9k) or Gryphon 'Ethos' ($39k) versus. Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T ($3k)?
Charles, glad you asked! I did drive both cars in 2004 and the Porsche was very comfortable but slow as molasses at 9+ seconds 0-60; R32 around 5 seconds. Cayenne with the turbo 8 cyl was quick enough but twice the $$$. erictal, it's worth noting... 
Aqua 'La Diva' ($9k) or Gryphon 'Ethos' ($39k) versus. Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T ($3k)?
Ummm, my '04 VW R32 used the same engine as the base Porsche Cayenne.  
Klipsch!. The worst speaker company, EVER?
nicebar, thanks for resurrecting this old thread.   Sellers on Amazon can be a disappointment. The sellers name will be on the listing so that you can confirm authorization with the manufacturer. The return policy is on the seller's page on Amazo... 
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
Porschy drivers need to spellcheck; it's Burmester, not Burmeister ;-)