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Protecting Equipment from Children
Get them a drink (age appropriate) sit them down in your stereo room and teach them what good music is. They will get it.    
About users with hidden agendas
OK!  I'm a dealer.   Not audio equipment but well, a dealer of something.  
Don’t want to freak you out…
Put headphones on behind the ear. You will be amazed. I have hearing lose and wear hearing aids but fortunately for me, my roommate in college is one of the best ear doctors in the country. The hearing aids are state of the art and highly customiz... 
Got a screw loose?
What is the benefit of brass screws? In my experience they are soft and easily come loose. I always use locktight on brass.  
What song have you played the most?
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 
"I'll spend my money on more records.... "Could not agree more Audioguy85. I have reached an investment threshold with gear (For now) and enjoy spending the discretionary dollars on vinyl. When offspring number four graduated from college, my fu... 
The price is a little steep but you have to look at it like any other piece of gear in your system. If you have 10K or more invested in a turntable/cartridge you wouldn’t hook it up with $5 cables. It’s not permanently connected to your system but... 
If I wasn't having a few beers and watching football I would have screwed it up a second time. Beer makes me patient.  
I am guilty of doing what I complained about a while back. Not being clear about a product.Sorry.Yes, as posted above it is a software based program that uses tones and wave frequencies on a special LP to adjust the multiple settings on a turntabl... 
How many dealers do you use?
What?Are we talking about audio or something completely different? 
What is it about spinning vinyl?
MijostynExactly what I mean. Driving a manual transmission car is a PITA but it sure is fun. Makes you feel more engaged with the driving experience. You become part of the machine that is your car.Spinning vinyl is a PITA but you are engaged, alm... 
What is it about spinning vinyl?
It's a pain in the A#$ to spin vinyl. Cleaning, handling, gentle touches as not to print, so why.   It just feels good. Sounds great but feels good too. Love to stream but it is just listening, no real feel.Spinning vinyl makes you a part of the e... 
single end round or flat
I am running a set of 13As with set of Silversmith Fidelium cables and am quite happy with them. Pass labs amp. FYI 
Is your now then?
I was raised in a house of music. My dad had a McIntosh system playing through a set of Klipschorns. 1970s and the music was getting so good but my dad was stuck in the 50s. Had to play my albums when he was at work, he just could not get into Led... 
Just wondering about speaker cables
I don't think there is a weakness in the Fidelium cables. They sound good on their own. I had the other cables available and just thought why not run them both.So far I have been quite pleased with the full sound of the 2 sets.