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Just wondering about speaker cables
OK, so this is how it went last night.One pair of DH Labs Q-10 with banana plugs on both ends.One pair of Silversmith Fidelium ribbons under the post on both ends.Pass Labs X250.8 to Martin Logan 13a.Started off low and slow but it sounds good so ... 
Where do you put your money?
Steely Dan is working my Friday night. 
Where do you put your money?
Room was already there. Not perfect but close.Blew the budget like this:Turntable/cartridge 25%Amp 12%Pre-amp 20%Phono stage 18%Streamer 8%Speakers 17%Give or take. 
Do any of you kids , want your system ???
Are you KIDDING!I can't keep them from taking my stuff NOW!All 4 were raised on great music and great sounding systems. 3 of the 4 are accomplished musicians and love to listen for hours. Vinyl and CDs. I get comments like, "Who gets the Klipsch" ... 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
The best and most prolific touring band ever, Dave Mathews Band. It was horrible not because of Dave, he was fantastic. It was the two inconsiderate moron girls sitting directly behind me. They talked at a scream volume non-stop the entire time. L...