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if you had this system, what would you do to make it sound the best you can
Do the free stuff first.  Set up the system properly.in your room.  Location of speakers are equipment makes a big difference.  Speaker are no more important than anything else in the system.  They should be the last thing replaced.  The most imp... 
The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change
What would you think of a doctor who diagnosed people online?  How about someone who wanted a diagnosis from amateurs with the same nervous disorder???  
Getting into vinyl for the first time
Remember that the phono cartridge is the most important link in your chain.  Nothing later will add back what the cartridge didn't get off the album.  There are lots of phono preamps out there.  Many can be had on the 'used' market for a lot less ... 
Help with XLR ICs.
I've never heard the Audioquest Dragon cables, but I've heard from some that I trust that they are amazing cables.  I'd like to try them, but for now I'll have to stick with my Purist Dominus.  
Turntable prices. Is my mind going?
I'm bemused by the fact that keyboard cowboys who have never heard a product know so much about it.  No one has to buy a better turntable.  If you don't want to spend $300,000 don't!  Turntables, unlike cars, or boats are not mass produced.  Ever... 
What is your experience with LiveVibe Audio Points?
I have had one of their stands with their comes on the floor and on each shelf.  It's similar to the stands they make now.  I found the stand to be effective in improving the sound and detail of the music.  You would think cones are cones, but wit... 
What High End AC Cables should Offer
Funny, I was thinking the same thing a couple of days ago while resetting the system.    
phono stage help please.
I've had the Aleph Ono and the Xono phonostages at different times.  If I were in the position of needing another phonostage I wouldn't hesitate to buy either of them again.  The Xono was a better unit, some of which I'm sure was attributed the th... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
1)  Joe Jackson  "Night and Day" 2  Jethro Tull  "Heavy Horses"  
Who makes the best boxes for shipping albums. Not bulk, just a few at a time
Mofimadness, I wish I was closer to CO.  I keep the boxes too, but I'm down to my last couple.   
Best speakers around $130k?
Go to a hifi show, Chicago, Denver etc... you won't get as many stupid answers there.  
Turntable versus tonearm versus cartridge: which is MOST important?
Whatever gets the signal off of the source is the most important piece. Nothing later in the line can add back in what was missed.   
Am I a hopeless audio snob?
I have had a number of good tts in my system through the years, including the SOTA Star Sapphire, SOTA Cosmos, Teres, and finally a hotroded Technics SP 10 mk II.  You're going to buy the table that you like but don't rule things out that really d... 
It was 44 years ago that...
It's interesting that no one mentioned the period when Dylan and The Band were noodling around in the basement. Eric Clapton disbanded Cream after hearing what The Band produced during that time i.e. Music From Big Pink. Lots of musicians claimed ... 
What are your favorite phono cartridges?
Soundsmith with the Strain guage. I have never owned anything that sounded as good. My second favorite is the ZYX UNIverse.