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Biamping Questions
I'd definately see if you can try cables before purchasing. You may even want to do some reading on DIY cables, that way it's cheap and can be rewarding. Silver can tend to be bright and copper warm. Always remember if your room sucks so will the ... 
Biamping Questions
You have a 7 channel arcam and want to run your low frequencies from your front L&R and mid highs from your rear L&R out of your amp? Also you wish to find cables best suited to the frequencies? Are you simply trying to throw more power at... 
Speaker or line level in?
Hello???Anybody???OK the last question is kind of stupid I guess, but I AM Nuguy not Smartguy. You don't know if you don't ask right? 
Speaker or line level in?
Thanks Arni. One more question. I'm not sure how to word this but here goes. Am I losing valuable power from my amp running speaker level inputs? In other words am I drawing 150 watts (for example) from my Mcintosh amp to provide a signal to the s... 
Digital Source; what would you do?
Sceptre...I've been saying this alot lately, see if you can get an EQ for a trial. It will totally help with your poor room acoustics. I use the Behringer DEQ2496, it is inexpensive and quiet. You'll be able to CRANK tool with no harshness or edge. 
How do I decide on a CD player or adding a dac?
Dred..The behringer DEQ2496 Ultra curve pro. I've had it now for about 2 months. Some love it and some don't. All I can say is that if you don't try it you'll never know. I think the low price of around $350USD throws people off. Funny thing is, i... 
do blind tests have any practical significance
How bout this. Take a blind test and place a dollar value on the entire system. That is, if the components weren't purposely mismatched to limit performance. For someone to estimate a $25,000 value on a $3000 system (or visa versa)would be quite a... 
Small speakers for retail store
2nd Gallo. 
How do I decide on a CD player or adding a dac?
Not trying to rock the boat, but did you ever consider an EQ? Most people here will disagree I'm sure, but what it's doing for my room is great. Not only that, I have the ability to listen to all kinds of stuff that was unlistenable before it's ad... 
Stray current through my audio rack???
If you have no meter, unplug everything on the rack or flip your breaker. See if the tingling stops. ??
see if they are willing to go through an escrow company. 
avoiding component purchase errors :part 2
I think many people would share Sbrtoy's views. Think about a hotrod builder, as soon as the build is complete they start over. Could be a Cuda today and a Mustang tomorrow, completely different but equally satisfying. Same goes for any hobby.I'm ... 
Has this ever happened to you? ----Long
I have a set of the energy exl26's. For moderate volume listening they are absolutely fantastic. I ran them with a MC352 for a few weeks and it was almost freaky how well they filled the room. I am not using them now, but I'll never get rid of the... 
avoiding component purchase errors :part 2
If your mind is ever evolving, it only makes sence that you would eventually become used to or bored with the sound of your hifi no matter what the quality. Systems change because people change. As for avoiding purchase errors, I try to keep it si... 
wave a magic wand and poof...the stereo disappears
Well put Jaybo, kind of like finding the end of a rainbow.