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avoiding component purchase mistakes: part 1
Here comes MrT,>>>> 
Will low voltage lights cause audible hum?
You know what most people here will say..."run dedicated power!" You obviously have a good understanding of what dirty power can do or you wouldn't have asked the question. You should get a price from your electrician, at least that way it's done ... 
wave a magic wand and poof...the stereo disappears
Do you mean temporary or permanent Audiogon? If it were temporary I'd maybe homeschool myself further in some physics. If it were permanent, hmmm, that's a tough one. I would imagine it would be quite life altering. That's alot of energy to divert... 
What would you buy next?
Hey Whart, I just had a look at your system (and car) ...VERY nice indeed, good for you !!! We should hang out, I'll drive...alright you can drive.As for my system, it seems insignificant all of a sudden. I'll have to come back to that later. 
What would you buy next?
Mrtennis, I guess my perception of warm is slightly laid back, nothing popping out, not really super clean but clear. I find a super clean sound throughout the spectrum too revealing and almost sterile, not musical. Warm to me is perhaps almost co... 
What would you buy next?
oops... a dollar figure WOULD help. I was hoping to stick below a thousand for a CD player. I realize a good used pre will run me between 2 and 3K, and I really shouldn't spend that much till I sell my house and know where I stand.I've been thinki... 
Anyone ever try ear candles for better listening?
That's just earie Blblues 
Anyone ever try ear candles for better listening?
If anyone tries Danlib1's idea you should post it and let us know how much better your system sounds. 
Anyone ever try ear candles for better listening?
I use scented candles. My ears smell like strawberries. 
Taylor Hicks from Idol
Geez...and I was gonna have everyone over for beer and Hicks. 
what is the difference between good and bad music
If I were astral projecting would the "bad music" sound better? Oh ya, one more thing, why is blue nicer than green? 
Taylor Hicks from Idol
"I think the opinion might be different if we were to just hear him sing without seeing him perform." That's a very good point and I would have to agree.Cheers Maineiac 
wht is the difference between good and bad sound ?
It's like asking what is the difference between good and bad food. I have no idea what "you" like to eat, but whatever it is I am sure you truly enjoy it. I would have to agree with Mrtennis' point about experience. If we didn't have opinions base... 
Taylor Hicks from Idol
Many will agree and many will not. The guy is in a competition and we've only heard him live. Can anyone here say that they have not heard some of their favorite singers sound less desirable live as opposed to how they sound on their albums after ... 
Does it / Do they pass the wife test? Speakers
I just bought a set of PD-80's from Tyler Acoustics. 18X14X65 inches @ 230 pounds each. My wife isn't strong enough to move them by herself, so I guess they're staying right where they are. Oh-oh, here she comes I gotta go!