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Where to sample music
No, there are not any good sites to sample MUSIC. But an LP or CDWell put ! 
Need help to reconfigure my system
The first thing you should do is get someone you trust to hide your wallet.Out of all the stuff you have you should be able to put something together to satisfy your needs..... sell the rest! 
Keef Out Of His Tree The Monkey Man & The Coconut
He's a little ugly to play a pirate, don't you think? :-) 
member system photos???
Yes, at least in Texas. There are areas North of Dallas where you can buy a new home approx. 2100 SF for $110,000.00. They are not made as well as custom homes but at least it's "your own" place.Must be nice, here in Calgary homes have jumped arou... 
Behringer DEQ2496 HELP
Zapper, turn up the mic sensitivity in the utilities menu. Tvad is right, you don't need a blasting signal, but if your mic is set too low, it won't "hear" the pink noise. 
Stand alone tweeters
Thanks guys, I gotta see about a trial. I should have mentioned I have the Tyler pd80s (with horns) and feel I could use a little air. Jax2 has a good point, it would be a bummer if the only one that could hear them is my dog. 
When showing your system to others, what do you do
I usually CRANK something heavy and stare at them with a dumb look on my face while wiggling my eyebrows up and down. 
Using 7 chanel processor with a 5 chanel amp.
Not sure which prepro you have, but some will allow you to use 2 of the channels for another zone. Either way the answer is yes, you should be able to set it up onscreen for 5 channel. 
Where does your user name come from?
Dontknowmuchaboutaudioguy took too long to type. 
Where to buy MDF board?
Easy to work with, great for routering, takes paint very well (except for edges). If you are planning on placing heavy amps on it I'd strongly recommend looking at other options. 
Biwired-Dunlavy V- Bass reduced why?
Single wire with jumpers OR biwire without. Using jumpers defeat the purpose of biwiring. Like 9RW says biwiring is just a more direct signal and there is less curcuitry for the signal to travel through. Just a suggestion but you should do a searc... 
Biwired-Dunlavy V- Bass reduced why?
You won't need jumpers. I'd say your bass reduction has got to do with the new cables. Different cables different sound.Hopefully you have tone controls and can boost the bass. 
High level input
Tvad, when we get our new hats does that mean we'll be members of Bignerd's Street Gang?Don't take it too serious Bignerd I'm only goofing around!Peace.... 
High level input
The A weighting measures frequencies from 500-10000Hz and the C weighting measures from 32-10000Hz. (specs from Radio Shack's spl meter)Obviously we would go with the C which came in at 120.4 db. I took the measurements with the EQ on and I do hav... 
High level input
It surprises me that I am getting such low readings, but believe me it is VERY loud, However, I agree, I will call Ty and report back.Thanks