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Behringer DEQ2496 - worth using in hi-end system?
I'll be ordering it soon. But I just don't see any reason to use it as DAC, it worths its price just for its digital abilities.I've been using mine as a DAC for a couple weeks now. I admit it took over for my Harmon Kardon DVD25, which "supposedly... 
Give Ty a call. He'll fix you up. He's good at what he does and your sub would match your Tylos. 
One thing that comes to mind is dirty switches. Do you hear "crackling" when you turn the volume knob or when pushing any source buttons? If so, some contact cleaner may solve your issue. Another suggestion is if there is a mute or attenuation swi... 
Tyler Acoustics Linbrook/Super Mini Monitors
I own the larger Tyler PD80's. I recently started using my Behringer DEQ for a DAC and corrected my room with it's "auto EQ" function. I should also say that I have no room treatments of any kind.Considering the size of the PD80s, you'd probably b... 
Behringer DEQ2496 - worth using in hi-end system?
Like I said before, if the unit was 3500.00 many people would think differently. Ridiculous markups benefit the seller not your ears. 
How do you clean CD/DVDs ?
The "Nuguy Digital Enhancement System" is so high end that it is a part of National Security. I am putting myself at risk even speaking of it. In fact, NASA uses it for their data CDs, and even to buff out scratches on the space-shuttle.UH OH!!! T... 
Your vote: Most Useless Audio Adjective
"groovy"....unless referring to an album. 
passive equalizers
You must have read this Mrtennis. 
How do you clean CD/DVDs ?
I'll start working on one tonight. Thanks for bringing up this maketing niche oversight. ;-)Mine comes complete with an electric drill and a beach towel for only $359 
Tyler PD80 power cables
Volex 17604 14/3 shielded from$5.52 each.Can't complain about that, thanks guys! 
Behringer DEQ 2496 help
Got it figured, thanks anyway. 
Would spikes help me?
Zar, in short, yes. The biggest sonic improvement for components would be minimizing vibration to and from your transport,(actually turntable if you're into analog) Many here use vibration dampners under their amps as well, but I think you'd need ... 
digital cable vs. satellite standard definition
It doesn't matter how good the picture is when you lose your sat signal, it may not hapen often but when it does it's quite frustrating. Personally I'd go cable. By the way I have satellite now but will change to cable when I move in August. 
I love this hobby-
Here's what I find fascinating. I am quite new to high end audio, and since I aquired my gear I am blown away by how much different music I listen to. Most of the music I found here on Audiogon. Patricia Barber, Melissa McClelland, Lisa Monheit, C... 
Love it, or Hate it ? (wood trim)
Dislike, simply because I don't like the word "hate". Canada