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Powered woofers
I have the PD80's with the amps. The problem I had was a lack of knowledge. I had them a little loud at first and the placement was all wrong. It took some playing around, but I've pretty much got them set up now so that they don't sound like subs... 
Help finding a copy of Yello 'Motion Picture'
I must have fluked out. I just picked up Motion Pic at A&B Sound a couple weeks ago. Lucky me!!! 
Would spikes help me?
You got that right Tripper, not only are they heavy they're kind of awkward. 
Would spikes help me?
Thanks very much guys, I think I'll go for it! 
Would spikes help me?
Ty doesn't supply spikes for the PD80s. He didn't want to add more height to the horn. Maybe I'll add spikes to my couch to make up for it. One thing's for sure, they'd be nasty to move around with spikes on. 
Import duties/taxes on a turntable to the usa
There is no duty if the product was manufactured in North America. There will be a duty charge for the Linn. 
soundproof a door
3 inches thick may be overkill to some, but if it cost me an extra couple hundred bucks so be it. For that matter, if you're planning on living there for several more years you could throw up an extra layer of drywall. Personally I listen fairly l... 
soundproof a door
A solid core is better of course, but unless it's 3 inches thick and totally sealed when you close it you won't really accomplish much. Funny thing that sound, it's always gettin in somebody's ears.I have built sliding panels similar to pocket doo... 
Building a temporary wall
Man, a guy can learn all kinds of stuff on this site! Good to know if I ever go framing in Colorado. 
silverline vs von schweikert
9rw, your right about the prices. The thing that got me wondering was the fact that they were selling for almost the same price used. (give or take a few hundred bucks) 
Measuring speakers
Eldartford, I use the DEQ 2496 as well. Wouldn't you still need a test cd as well? If I am wrong please fill me in, but I believe the unit only has a pink noise generator. I am not questioning your knowledge, but you got me questioning mine. I cou... 
Krall's Look of Love soundstage more to the left
Diana's "the girl in the other room" was doing the same thing to me, except it was leaning to the right speaker. This was a couple weeks ago just after I moved the room around a bit, and I mean a very little bit. I threw couch pillows on the marbl... 
Help w/ weird big-screen tuning issue?
You should let us all know the outcome. I for one am curious. Good luck Ben, hope it's nothing serious. 
DLP lamps
Fear not The factory lamps were junk. The replacement lamp you get will be fine. Always run it on high bright mode (which your service person should tell you) When you shut it down let it cool completely before powering back... 
Help w/ weird big-screen tuning issue?
Just does to show you why you should never buy a WIERD BIG SCREEN !!! Sorry Ben I couldn't resist. That is very odd indeed, perhaps an issue with the tuner?