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Now it's subs
jmhoRoom acoustics! GikJl fathoms (because i just like them)  I use 2  Sunfires hrs  (which i like for the money )Rythmic,Hsu etc ...I have always heard great things about vandy subs  I can't comment.      But I can say when I had one sub,(I know ... 
Volume Increase of decrease as system improves
Ineteresting question,I would say it is very much related to what i am playing so it varies ,but the dork I am I often grab my db meter in the drawer next to me when I feel its rockin and it is often 80-90db so i guess increase lol  
power conditioner
toolbox,I have the p2400ar and its always plugged in (except for epic storms)and off until about an hr or more before .          Like i posted  earlier, I keep mine down low and away from everything (it rides below my rack under my amps power supp... 
Need recommendation for a CD player
I would of the two choose the modwright .I've only heard the oppo105 modded ,its was quite nice. 
The $3,600 gamble
I strongly suggest going on Gik website and filling out there form with a couple pics.No affilation,just a fan and firm believer it has been one of the best investments in awhile.  
If your not watching the series Sounbreaking you should be
sbank ,   Excellent I'm glad everyone is enjoying it also,funny thing is I never seem to get to watch it except in my family room through my flatscreen speakers lol.When the home theatre is running(rarely with a 22mnth old) I'm watching a movie us... 
Clear Day vs Acoustic Zen
Your choice , i have all az cables ac and adagios i bought all used .. mr. Lee knows me by name .. he is a wealth of knowledge.. he has shortened and reterminated some for me  but is just happy knowing i use az and certainly knows i want to upgrad... 
Need recommendation for a CD player
I mentioned modright earler . There was one for sale here last week  
Need recommendation for a CD player
+1 my buddy is waiting on the new 203 /205 or something. He said this mnth  
Need recommendation for a CD player
105 used has a better dac 2 channel imo  .. i am a vinyl guy but i have a 105 in my ht room . I have a cambridge audio i use as a trans and a bel canto dac and good cables all used ( closer to 1500 ) . I’ve seen a cple modwright oppos here used in... 
Need recommendation for a CD player
Impossible without a range oppo to esoteric thats a jump in bucks  
Help choose a speaker for Cayin A-88T
Used is fine imo , if shipped properly and insured .I would only buy here used personnally and from solid members..You have a big room buddy in cubic feet it will take alot of system to attain volume imo for a grand even used..Another you may find... 
Need recommendation for a CD player
price? new or used ..... 
If your not watching the series Sounbreaking you should be
Lol ya its been great .. i also recommend axxess tv song by song and reel to reel .. i just watched creme last show at albert hall ..  they were talking to jack bruce . Asked the best bassist he says" without a doubt Bach was the bassmaster i like... 
Interconnect cables for turntable
^ i enjoy the silver az mr.lee makes great cables