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Revelation audio labs
Well Well ,        Brad a name I would prefer to forget.I ordered a complete set of his cords for my Nu Vista a few years back including power chord. He was so fast to respond at first ,then I payed him .        Weeks passed ,emails of his kids an... 
Greg Lake RIP
Big crimson fan .. got to see them a few times , elp too  
Running multiple wireless headphones?
ended up getting sienheiser wireless with another set  
Running multiple wireless headphones?
I was told that Bluetooth will not work . The bluetooth on units are for syncing devices differently on recievers , that some type of transmitter needs to be used . I don’t know thats why I’m asking .Also multiple headphone sets usually work on rf... 
Running multiple wireless headphones?
Upgrade sugestion please
^^^^ lowrider... 
Is It Safe to Warm Up Power Amps Without Speakers Attached
Always been told that a no no ... 
speaker shopping
New or used?  
WORST Experience Ever in Dealing With Woodbridge Stereo NJ
Looking for speaker ideas.
I have acoustic zen adagios  they can be had for 2k ish used ..i like them alot , i also run two subs  
How difficult to build your own cables?
eric squires here build his own cables  .He can lend an ear for sure hit him up 
Dick's / Dave's picks
great to see this thread,i,ve been away for awhile. Being a taper from 85-95 and over 300 shows .thumbs up gentlemen.    (~):= 
Subwoofers.....Leave On/Off?
I two have sunfire hrs12 s ,they are into my furman ,I manually turn them off then flip my power off. They are class d subs and i have found they are at there best when warmed up .I have two  15 "velodynes on my ht room , also do the same there .c... 
Looking to build a system for under $5k
Used ,and again used !  I would  get a quality intergrated for sure, it"s the way to go .  jmho  Used speakers and power from a solid member here . I would probly go new on digital myself.(although i have a used bel canto dac i bought here and lov... 
Coda Audio Video based in San Francisco is running a fraudulent operation
I agree , it is a horrible situation period ...