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Greg Lake RIP
Dont forget founding king crismon member .. talent overload  
Alot of great info above , I sold maggies for yrs and ran many tubes and ss through them ( lots of free time at the ole’ brick and mortor ).I have also owned most of them over the yrs except tympanis ,that being said i ran cj personnally and biamp... 
Greg Lake RIP
Raised on elp , he was the man 
Great integrated amps with narrow depth under 12 inches?
Bel canto ?  
Do you clean your records before play, after play, or once (and then never again)?
99% of the time i clean them and stylus ever time .. when i used to use the last products i did a serious clean then not everytime .. I dont use last lately no real reason though  
Help Connecting Dual Subwoofers
I run right to one left to the other gik x2 I like my sunfire hrs sealed x2 spiked on carpet 
power conditioner
 Sure....       I,m interested in any new products,I use directtv and exede for internet.( no phone lines either) I live 17miles from any real roads(thats a 4 light town) and 45 min from the nearest walmart.Honestly I havn,t given much thought to ... 
power conditioner
I convert solar to dc then ac to house (220also )It has been far from cheap !  No gov kickbacks on fully offgrid setup or state in California       I have ran my amp into the separate 20 with and without . Warmed for two hrs , played exact track v... 
power conditioner
henrycai,It has its moments lol...Other times it can be quite expensive ,i just replaced two inverters at 2k each( no notice just tanked )..Although watching the hydro wheel spin and chug power to my batteries is slick during the winter.I enjoy ex... 
Do equipment stands have an impact on electronics?
I get it cdrc,Thanks for your input on how different products worked for you, because that is the point.. 
power conditioner
Back at ya , my setup is unique .. i have a separate 20 amp  line ... I am totally off grid .. full solar /lipo batt, hydro and generator backup ...  
power conditioner
My p2400 ar is toroidal trans with v reg . And lift tech . I wouldnt say its the best at any price but at 1600 price ( retail 2300 ) its real good . Sometimes i look to pro studio gear myself .. maybe because i’m a musician.. i cannot comment on t... 
VAC Sig or Zanden 3100
Do equipment stands have an impact on electronics?
Thumbs up ☝️️ 
Cartridge Recommendation
AT ART9 is my next cartridge .