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Maggie MG12 Tweaks
You should go here http://www.audioasylum.com/forums/MUG/bbs.htmlfor all things planar.Chazzbo,Your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are worse than anything even George could come up with.And BTW, I for one believe he DOES know what he's doing..... 
Recommended speakers around $10K used
>Room is smallish (14' x 17') and speakers have to be on 14' wall, pushed back toward corners with TV and audio equipment in between<At 10K, you are wasting a lot of money to place speakers as such.Oz 
Has any one heard Magico Speakers?
Jack,They may be exceptional, but they still cost 20 large. So you are telling me that you would spend that when you may be able to get the same performance for 10K, or 15K. What about even better sound for that much or even less? I am not going t... 
tube amps 101
Why in the hell does this appear as a review? Are you lost, or what?Oz 
Has any one heard Magico Speakers?
Sorry, that should have read...20K mini monitor, my bad.....Oz 
Von Schweikert DB99 or Vandersteen 5A ??
>My local VSA dealer offered me a reasonable price if I committed to the DB99 so that he'd get to hear them. A little bit frustrating.<A little bit indeed. If he is serious about selling this speaker, he should not balk at getting a pair in ... 
Has any one heard Magico Speakers?
A 2K mini monitor? Where do I get in line......?Oz 
I'm New To Vinyl - Which Turntable Should I Buy?
Why would you own such an expensive system and only budget 2K for table/arm/cart.? Throw the phono stage that you will need in there and the budget looks even smaller. You can get pretty good sound in this price range, but you are likely to be dis... 
Most Overated Floor Standing Speaker Up to 15KPair
Gmood,Stop it, you're killin' me.......Oz 
Music lovers only, sub woofer
For the money, there is no better deal than the Onix Rocket UFW-10. This thing is fast, articulate and very easy to set up (and get it right). Probably wouldn't be the first choice for a home theater, but for music only, it's a no brainer.Oz 
Modulus 3A help needed and moving coil question
BTW,The tape input is better than the seedee input because the latter uses resistors inline, supposedly to tame early digititis. The aux input and the tape input are the most direct and transparent.Oz 
Modulus 3A help needed and moving coil question
>An outboard phono pre such as a Creek or Nad can be had fairly cheap.<Not the best solution. He will be losing the benefit of the great phono section in the 3A. My suggestion would be if money is an issue right now, go with a MM or HO MC in... 
Best undiscovered speakers on the market today ?
I will second the Reimer recommendation. Rick really knows what he is doing. His speakers are finely crafted and sound wonderful.Oz 
Monitors for a bedroom system.......
>$2000 is too much to spend for speakers for a bedroom system<Yeah? And what qualifies you to tell HIM how much $$ to spend on anything? If he wants to spend 2K, it's HIS choice. Recommendations for less expensive speakers are great, but don... 
Crazy Downstairs Neighbor
You fell off something that's fer sure. And hit your head....HARD. I have owned Shelters, Ortofons, Grados, Dynavectors etc..... and I love my Benz L2. It may not be for everyone, but your description is ridiculous. It sounds nothing, and I mean N...