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Question for Paradigm Studio 100 owners ...
Getting more bass from any speaker in any room does not always mean siting it close to the wall behind it. The room mode that reinforces bass is where the speaker (and yourself) needs to be. This will take some patience and legwork on your part to... 
B&W Rip-Off
>Cool down - the ad is really to funny!<What is "to" (sic) funny about the ad? I don't see it.Oz 
fritz loudspeakers
Wow, what a confusing website.Oz 
Wilson Watt Puppy 8 Speakers
>They will have the new grill system that the Sophia 2 has<And Dave will probably charge another 2-3K for that *upgrade*.Oz 
The end of LP collecting????
I am in agreement with many of the other posters when I say...."What?!?!?!?!?"Oz 
Easy to Drive Bookshelf Monitor?
Nobody has mentioned the Coincident Triumph Signature. Any thoughts on this little gem?Oz 
>I do not prefer them for loud rock or large orchestra, in my room. I hope this helps you.<Speakers that can only do one or two types of music are pretty much worthless, unless that is the ONLY music you listen to. Just my opinion....Oz 
Review: Reimer Wind River GS Speaker
Sorry about the double post. Agon sat on the first one, so I thought it got lost.Oz 
Review: Reimer Wind River GS Speaker
Can you tell me how long it took to receive the speakers from the time you placed the order. I am awaiting delivery of my McCullough GS speakers, this is my 5th week. I can't wait, and am definitely growing weary of listening to my back-up pair of... 
Review: Reimer Wind River GS Speaker
Question for you. How long did it take for your speakers to arrive from date of order. Five weeks ago this friday I ordered a pair of high gloss maple McCullough GS from Rick through Neil. I am growing very weary of listening to my back up Polk Au... 
Outstanding Speakers, Outstanding
Cwlondon,You can scoff if you want, but you could do FAR worse than a pair of Caravelles. Probably would give your maggies more than a run for the money....Oz 
Looking for a sub to compliment a 2 channel system
You should look at the Onix Rocket UFW-10. It is a little bit more, but it is the real deal. It wouldn't be my first choice for HT applications. But for music it is very quick and articulate. I get response into the mid-20s, but not much below tha... 
Ayre D1 vs C5
Wrong forum perhaps? 
Any good CD for setting up/positoning a Subwoffer?
Sphile Test CD #3 (or something simliar) and a Rat Shack SPL meter. This disc has tones from 200 hz to 20 hz in 10 second samples that are very good for setting xover and gain for subs.Oz 
I have seen the Future and it is Kalaidasape
>Of course, it starts at $22,000.<I don't think it will be in MY future.....Oz