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Unipivot vs. Gimbal
Both approaches have their attributes. But on your Nott table, you will likely find no better match than a Nott arm. A used Spacearm will be in your price range, but I highly recommend the Ace-Space if you can up your budget. I have tried many oth... 
What is the Meadowlark house sound?
Or if he gets caught, it might be the "Big House".Oz 
Please Reccomend Good speakers for $2000 - $2500
Where can we read about or see pictures of such a magnificent creation?Oz 
VPI HR-X, Super Scoutmaster and Acrylic Platters
Touche'!!!!Almost, but not quiet (SIC) as bad........Oz 
VPI HR-X, Super Scoutmaster and Acrylic Platters
G,Yeah, I knew that. Just poking fun at a "quite" common misspelling of the word. Almost as bad as substituting "base" for "bass". Or "then" for "than".Oz 
VPI HR-X, Super Scoutmaster and Acrylic Platters
>absolutely quite!!<Absolutely quite what?quite nice?quite excellent?quite beautiful?The world is wondering.... 
VPI Scout Placement
www.machinadynamica.comThis is THE link for you. A Promethean Base situated as close as practical to the floor will be your best answer. Look at my system pics for one way it's done.Oz 
H2o Amp
>I doubt it that you will get a lot responses<Not to mention the fact that he posted in the wrong forum.Oz 
Just ordered the Jungson 88D Luxury Edition.
AgisthosI hope you don't mean all tube amps are slow and lacking dynamics. Only SS amps that try to emulate tubes. Please tell me this is what you meant.Oz 
Jungson 88D vs Dk Design MKII
From what you describe, it looks like a step back in my opinion. I can't imagine preferring the Jungson, unless you omitted some important details from your description.Oz 
Cartridge set up questions - Spacedeck / Space arm
This last suggestion by 4yanx is excellent. Maybe you need a tutorial in setting up an arm/cartridge. Hey, we all had to learn somehow.Oz 
Can Piega P10's Be Placed Up Against The Wall?
Most any quality speaker will NOT perform well against a wall. Might as well go the "Bose" route if this is your only option. I suggest a different room for you listening pleasure.Oz 
Cartridge set up questions - Spacedeck / Space arm
I liked the Dyna 20XH on the Nott. But even better is the Benz H2. I am currently using an L2 on my Ace-Space/Spacedeck and I love it.Oz 
Cartridge set up questions - Spacedeck / Space arm
>During early of cart installation, I broke the blue tonearm wire at the clip, which is for the left channel. I solder it back, does it affect anything?<Well that might explain the channel imbalance. And the 10X4 is a pretty light cartridge,... 
Finish Quality of Von Schweikert VR4jr's
What does this have to do with the finish quality?Oz