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Spacedeck Vs. Scoutmaster
Thanks for all the input. I have decided to stay where I am for now. The Spacedeck sounds very good. Sometimes I think I need to upgrade for the sake of upgrading. Not very smart. I may do a cartridge upgrade in the near future, I have considered ... 
Spacedeck Vs. Scoutmaster
I already have the Mat-1 and love it. I was using the Neuance sans Promethean, but this setup sounds better. Footfalls are non-existant.Oz 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
My modified Music Reference RM9 has taken on several comers and whipped 'em all. The latest was a CJ MV60SE last weekend. I'm not saying I'll never sell, but something better hasn't come along yet.Oz 
Speaker Cable to Replace Zu Cable Wax
I had the Solo Crystal 8 cables for about 3 weeks. After about 150 or so hours I gave up on them. The midrange was lacking, sort of thin with a glare on vocals. I ended up with the Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature speaker cables. Much better.Oz 
Need more soundstage depth with Spacedeck and Ono
I have the exact analog front end as you. I assure you something is amiss and it should wipe the floor with your Naim cdp.I agree with Spencer. Give the dealer another shot at making it sound right. Let him hear the difference in your digital and ... 
Schweikert VR4-Jr vs. Gallo Reference 3 with SA
There is nothing wrong with acquring all the feedback you can when shelling out that kind of $$. This applies no matter where you live. But you have been dragging this thing out here and on AA for a while. I think by now you will have gotten most ... 
Trying a turntable-it sounds crappy, what's up??
>At any decent volume, the needle skids right off the platter!<If this is happening, you have a problem. Acoustic feedback can indeed be a problem with a 'table placed incorrectly in a room. But what you describe is out of the ordinary. Don'... 
Schweikert VR4-Jr vs. Gallo Reference 3 with SA
I don't know about everyone else, but I for one will be glad when you get some speakers.........any speakers......Oz 
Audio Research PH5 phono preamp?
You are correct. I have issue 34, issue 35 is not available yet here. I have only had this one for about 2 weeks.Oz 
Audio Research PH5 phono preamp?
I think you are mistaken. I have that issue and there was no mention of an Audio Resarch phono preamp in that article.Oz 
Von Schweikert VR4-Jr: Urgent Opinions Needed
For Agaffer,If you think that any Vandy speaker up to and including the 3A signature can hold a candle to most VS offerings, you are living in a dream world.Disclaimer:I do not currently own any VS products, but have in the past. Oz 
Paging all owners of Luminous Audio speaker cables
Tim is a great guy to do business with. After auditioning the Synchestra Signature speaker cables I was mightily impressed. Only problem is I need two pairs (ouch!) for bi-wiring. I backed away, but couldn't forget how good they sound, so I will h... 
Analysis Plus Interconnects
Rathbone,After a little over 100 hours on the speaker cables I think they sound pretty good. I wouldn't describe them as you have though, they have plenty of excitement and extension both top and bottom. My only fear was of the midrange and it cam... 
Interspace and rega arm question -- help
I'm no expert, but here are the arms I used with a single collet.Rega RB600OL SilverBluenote BorromeoBluenote BorgheseNottingham SpacearmThe Bluenote arms were a tight fit, but I could still manage it. All the rest were identical.Oz 
Help Low Freq. From Totems? Is it there?
I brought home a pair of Forests over the summer to compare to my now departed VR2s. In the dealer showroom the Forest had plenty of bass and slam, but couldn't compete with the von schweikerts in my rather large (26X16) room. And the uppper midba...