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Interspace and rega arm question -- help
FWIW, my I have used Bluenote, Rega, OL, and Nottingham arms on my Spacedeck with the same inner collet. And if memory serves me right, my buddy used the same collet on his Interspace table for his OL RB 250 that he now uses with his Interspace ar... 
Analysis Plus Interconnects
Thanks for your input. How do you like the AP power cords? And what have you compared them to?Oz 
Any sonic benefits of bi-wiring speakers ?
It is really speaker/xover dependant. I just went through this myself with my Montanas. I tried a jumper with a set of Luminous Synchestra Sigs thinking I could cheap out and not buy another pair. Wrong! It is very obvious that these speakers need... 
Help with new Nottingham Spacedeck
Good call Doug, I didn't even think of loading. I do think the Nott cartridges are MC and he may need to load it down a little. That would certainly explain the thin sound he is experiencing.Oz 
Help with new Nottingham Spacedeck
There is obviously a problem because what you describe is NOT how a Spacedeck sounds. I would look at the cart. alignment, and perhaps the chance that the cart. just needs break in time. They all do. Check the alignment, VTA, and VTF and if all is... 
Montana Speakers? Have they fizzled out?
I have never heard their flagship offerings, but I am on my second pair of SP2 Signatures after foolishly selling the first. I have owned speakers from Magnepan, Von Schweikert, Meadowlark, Roman Audio,.....etc..., but none have captured my soul l... 
Tube Amp Suggestions
So you have no opinions of your own? You must follow Linkwitz like a lemming????And as for your remark about the president, your way of thinking.....or not thinking, made me know right away you were a liberal. You would rather someone else made up... 
Good question, lots of answers.
What exactly was "the question"?Oz 
Tube Amp Suggestions
Do you listen to test tones or music? I guarantee you that any moderately good sounding tube amp will slay your SS home theater amps. Oz 
Von Schweikert VR2 vs Sonus Faber Grand Piano H
One thing I can see from your pics is that the VR2s are too close together. I realize that your options are probably limited, but that is what I found to be true when I had the VR2s. They sounded their best at about 10 ft. apart (measured from the... 
Survey-What is your most used source?
Aroc............110%???? Does not compute, does not compute, does not.......does.....not.........compute.........Oz 
Speakers you regret selling
I had only slight remorse about selling the maggies, didn't last long. I have had the VR2s since March, but they ship out today. A very nice speaker which does a lot of things right, but can't match the magic of the Montanas.Oz 
Speakers you regret selling
I regret selling my Montana SP2 Sigs to my buddy. BUT......I have remedied that situation. I found another pair on the AA classifieds last week and they will be arriving by freight carrier to me today. I was extremely lucky to get the jump on the ... 
Von Schweikert VR2 vs VR3
The VR2 is far better than the VR3. I recently had my VR2s up for sale, and I do believe you contacted me about them. After looking at and listening to other contenders, I have decided to keep them. I don't think I can better them anywhere near th... 
speakers with BAT
I did try several NOS tubes but could not achieve the sound I wanted. So I sold it and moved on.BTW, the BAT can be bettered by a good TVC. I currently have a custom preamp using the TX-102s from S&B and there is no paramater you care to menti...