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Cheap HT and, forgive me, Bose
The only reason to consider that Bose system is if you cannot accommodate 5 speakers for some reason. I'd also stay away from any system employing single-driver satellites. You can buy a name-brand (e.g. Sony, Yamaha, Pioneer) receiver for under $... 
Is Direct Drive Really Better?
Above a certain price point, direct drive is the superior technology. But designing and building a good direct drive unit costs a fair bit of change, which is why it was generally only attempted by companies that could amortize that cost over a la... 
How to transfer analog sources to iPod
The ADS does work with PCs, but Amadeus doesn't. 
128 K bps Streaming Audio Vs Other PC Formats
Your friend may not need or want the help you're offering, but the first thing you should point out to him is that CDs "stream" at 1400 kbps, so those Internet streams have lost more than 90% of the data in the original. Given that, it's really ra... 
How to transfer analog sources to iPod
Except don't buy an iMic. It's too noisy. Buy ADS Tech's Instant Music: assumes you don't already have an audio input on your computer.The ADS, like the iMic, comes wi... 
How Can I Use MY IPOD For a Music Source?
What you did should work. As Marty suggests, you might not have had the volume on the iPod set properly. It's also possible that there was an impedance problem with your preamp. Try before you buy (as always), but in general feeding iPods into a s... 
eac vs itunes ripping
EAC's mythic status can easily be explained. Some years ago, it really was just about the only way to make sure you were getting a bit-perfect copy. So naturally it was widely touted at the time as "the best." But EAC wasn't doing anything impossi... 
how much difference does a player make
NAD is an audiophile namebrand with a notorious reputation for quality control. Audible differences will be minimal at best, until the NAD breaks. At that point, the Denon wins hands down. Plus, if you want a changer, buy a changer. 
eac vs itunes ripping
Sounds like belt-and-suspenders to me. Apple Lossless is exactly that--lossless. I think John Atkinson at Stereophile confirmed that a while back (and I bet he used EAC to do it). 
Low cost receiver to drive 2 speaker rated at 4 oh
Hard to argue with the Outlaw, for the price. But any receiver designed to drive two sets of speakers simultaneously should be able to handle one set of 4-ohm speakers, assuming their minimum impedance doesn't drop too far below 3 ohms. 
Would this be a big hit to the quality?
Computers are electrically messy, but that only matters if you're trying to get analog output. You're doing digital output, which the DAC in your receiver should reclock, no problem. Given your budget, an optical cable from computer to receiver is... 
Whaat does Consumer Reports say?
would anyone in high end audio actually trust CR?Actually, I'd trust it more than I'd trust any high-end magazine. CR compares products directly, side-by-side, and discusses both strengths and weaknesses. High-end audio reviews, by contrast, invar... 
Whaat does Consumer Reports say?
Just remember you have to cancel it before the month is up. Otherwise, CR will keep charging you $4.95 each month till you do. 
Whaat does Consumer Reports say?
Go to, sign up for a 1-month online subscription for $4.95, and you can read them yourself. 
Cables, Cables
Buyer's remorse. Stick with them a little, and they will wind up sounding exactly like the HD. Which should tell you all you need to know about the utility of cable "upgrades."