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Needle just gets stuck in a particular spot of the record ! What is going on?
You can usually loosen whatever is adhered to the groove wall with good magnification and a round toothpick. ┬áSince you've isolated the spot where it's occurring, it should be fairly simple. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Leon Bridges - Coming Home 
Lexicon RV-8 query followup-fan noise?
Not 13mm, but 15mm from Digikey:
Haven't heard the Wilson reissue yet, but I'll likely pick one up for comparison; I thought he did an outstanding job on 'Benefit'. Personally, I find it tough to beat the Classic Clarity 45 - my understanding is that the tapes used were Ian Ander...
And for comparison: 
Lyra Delos 'belly cover'
Regarding the use of forceps/tweezers around cartridges, I find a good pair of bamboo tweezers to be indispensable: 
Lyra Delos 'belly cover'
Don't. It will void the warranty of the cartridge. If yours is riding low, send it back to Lyra and they can adjust it. 
Extraordinary recordings on vinyl
Qdrone,I agree regarding "Fireball" - a relatively overlooked gem. However, I actually prefer the original US green label Warner copy to the Harvest pressing. It's a bit more immediate and has a better low end IMO. Also, the US copy contains 'Stra... 
Upgrade for users of 1/2" mylar belt
Doug,I think the Kapton belts run truer around the pulley, resulting in better overall speed stability. In general, any splice will result in some small runout error causing the belt to slightly oscillate up and down the face of the pulley - the K... 
Upgrade for users of 1/2" mylar belt
It appears that finding Mylar belts has become increasingly difficult. I've been using a spliceless Kapton belt (2 mil thickness, 1/2" width, 45" circumference). IMO, much better than a spliced Mylar belt - Kapton is utilized as the drive belt in ... 
Top 5 Hamburgers
But you could check these places out nearly anywhere - they're all chains (which given the context of the thread seems antithetical). Just sayin'... 
worst sounding great lps
"Aqualung...dreadful production."-You've obviously never heard the Classic Clarity single sided 45RPM set of Aqualung. "Anything from Queen"-Try "Jazz" and "The Game" 
worst sounding great lps
Utopia - Adventures in UtopiaBright, thin and shrill but with great tunes. In fact, most things Rundgren mixed/mastered himself sound like crap. 
Metal "whiskers" on cartridge body
The metal is attracted by the strong magnets in the cartridge. As to how they get there, it beats me. Since record pressing is a purely mechanical process not carried out in a clean-room, it's possible there's always a bit of metal residue from th... 
Upgrade for users of 1/2" mylar belt
Try here: might want to try cleaning the circumference of the platter as well as the belt itself. For the platter, distilled water with a microfiber cloth works well; for the belt, I ...