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Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3 vs Extreme
Just to update the thread, I went with LTA MicroZOTL Preamp with L2 upgrade. All I can say is that the preamp met my expectation. I agree with Mr. London's assessment in his review. I think the biggest strength for this pre is its ability to pull ... 
The reviews are true about the EAR Phono Classic
@beeswax - So your cartridge is MC but you are using the MM input of EAR PhonoBox with volume all the way up? Then I am assuming you're controlling the volume with a separate preamp?    
Looking for preamp recommendation
@ghdprentice - awesome setups you have!  Yes - I have always loved Audio Research sound, but the reference line is out of my reach at this point. I was looking at LS28 SE which I think is a top flight preamp, but still at $10K USD no phono is tou... 
Any thoughts on Pass X150.8 ?
I bought x150.8 but then upgraded to x250.8 before taking delivery of 150.8. Why did I do that? I don't know, but I read x250.8 is the sweet spot of Pass line ups.... Will see when my amp arrives.  
SabrinaX vs JA Perspective2 Graphene
I never had connection with B&W speakers sound. They are beauty to look at but the sound never did it for me for some reason.  
SabrinaX vs JA Perspective2 Graphene
I haven't heard SabrinaX but I heard Wilson's upper end model - I think it was DAW.. It was nice but I cannot afford that. I always loved sound of JA speakers, especially Perspective... Speakers from other brands are way too out of my budget or ju... 
Which preamp to go with pass labs x150.8
Looks like Arc pre is the way to go? What about Ref 5 or 5SE? I know the particular model loved by many, but is it too old buy in the used market?  
A non-subjective recommendation for the Puritan PSM156
I just ordered PSM156 today. I am currently using AQ Thunder AC cord with Niagara 1000. Will come back with impression!If this device works, I am willing to go all out and order PSM Ultimate power cables!! 
Holo Audio May DAC
Hi All,I currently have 2 box setup; Simaudio Moon 390 to power amp. I feed 390 via eithernet connection using Roon to play music files on my PC. If I go with Holo May DAC, I will need to sell 390 to fund for the DAC and would not have enough fund... 
From bryston to simaudio
Thanks twoleftears. Would you mind explaining what does 760a do better than 4B Cube?  
Brave man, McGowan...
I read Paul's post as the AQ PC is a superb product rather than taking anything away from P20. I have no reason to believe that someone like Paul has any other motives but trying to people what actually happened. The dragons are over my budget but... 
The quest for the right interconnect and speaker cables (Siltech)
If you didn't like 770i then you won't like 330i. Buy something else i would say. I found Siltech cables to be very fast,  smooth, and low noise cables. 
The sound of Siltech 550i XLR cable
If you have money for it then get it. I use them between my preamp and amp. Fantastic cables. Drops noise and increase signal so much that you hear it the moment you connect them. I really could not believe that a cable can improve sound so much. ... 
Let me know your choice please
Bryston cube series amps are really smooth and natural sounding imo. You can also look at used Hegel integrated amps. Simaudio is a good choice, i think they cost more than Bryston for smilarly priced amps. Cannot go wrong with either imo.  
Joseph Audio Pulsar2 vs dynaudio confidence 20 vs tad-me1
Thank you gyoungblood. Your experience is helpful to know. I heard the pulsars, although they sounded good, but didn't wow me enough to open my wallet. I don't have dealers near by where i can audition the TADs, it looks like most everyone who hea...