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Drag on driver causing noise
As others have suggested, remove the rubbing driver and invert it 180* and reinstall.  This can usually fix the issue.  
In Wall Speakers recommendations
What is your budget for the speakers?    
Help with inwall sub amp
Yes, you'll need an amplifier.  For an adequate subwoofer amplifier of that size, you'll probably be looking at a Class-D type.    
High End Repair in Phoenix
I always used to go to Audio Wizard on McDowell in S. Scottsdale for repairs.  Hopefully you can get your gear back and move on.  
Martin Logan vs. Everything
Could it also be that those dealers sell brands other than Martin Logans??   They make some nice stuff and if you like them, then that is the most important part.  
Floating ground in the apt. Building
If the building uses 3-prong outlets that screw into metal boxes, then the entire system is grounded since the metal conduits all connect back to the panel(s) and ultimately, the building ground.  
Speaker Efficiency
@marktheshark I'm looking at the same crossroads for my office system.  I'm running a lower-powered Decware (rated at 6wpc) that sounds great with both sets of speakers I rotate through.  My bookshelf speakers are rated at 85dB, but sound fantasti... 
PayPal imposed draconian security blocks AFTER I sold my unit
A similar situation just happened with me and Stripe.  NEVER again will that joke of a company be used by me.    
How best to arrange cables in this room...
Every gas fireplace I have come across is basically a small, steel firebox with a 6"-8" exhaust pipe that gets routed outside the home, surrounded by wood framing and drywall, creating a huge "shell" enclosing a lot of wasted space inside.  You ca... 
Do you think driver “break in” is real?
In my opinion , I’m sure it can be measured with instruments as being real. But, can those measured differences actually be heard or just our ears and brains adjusting to the new component/ speaker? Here’s a good test:  Buy a set of used speakers... 
Yes, another audiophile at a crossroads story and request for advice
@ezstreams that's the hard part to suggest, I think, since there are so many possible combinations of gear, tubes, peoples listening perceptions, etc.   For me, I just kept a notebook and marked down how each combination sounded so I could refer ... 
Yes, another audiophile at a crossroads story and request for advice
I would first try some tube rolling in the integrated. You can completely change the sound of an amplifier by experimenting with different tube combinations.    
At what price is one considered an Audiophile.
How long is a piece of string? It's all relative.  Some gear out there I dream of owning, some Audiophile gatekeepers, call it "midfi."  While my humble system would be an audiophile system to regular folks or those that are just entering the hob... 
Question: What are some of your best pieces of advise to someone new to the hobby?
Take your time.  It's a journey, not a destination.  
Recommendations for 7 channel amp
McIntosh MC207 (used) ?