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How do YOU organize your iTunes library?
With 450 GB of Lossless music and 4 years with iTunes under my belt I still have only made 3 playlists. Its just not how I listen. Coverflow, to me, is not useful either, especially with a large collection. I generally scroll (two finger drag) thr... 
Keces da-131, any reviews or thoughts?
For the money the VALAB DAC is quite good. I preferred the SPDIF input to the USB input. It definitely sounds like other NOS DAC's I have heard and compares favorably to them. Very clear, tight, whole sound. Completely non-fatiguing in every way. ... 
Storing Cd's on Hard Disk
I agree with Ckorody's eloquent statement above. I have been using a MAC/iTunes/ALAC for over three years and it is seamless. 
Keces da-131, any reviews or thoughts?
Computer/iTunes as my transport - will try both SPDIF via the HagUSB and USB. I should know something in another week or so. 
What would you buy Sub $350 Firewire/USB DAC
Sub $350 you should seriously consider the Audiosector. You might also consider the VALAB DAC (which sell on eBay under Vintage Audio Labs) for $180. I have seen a used iRoc DAC go for as low as $485 recently. One other to consider is the Audio Ma... 
Keces da-131, any reviews or thoughts?
My VALAB DAC arrived a few days ago. It is too early to say anything definitive but my initial impressions are very positive. 
Integrated Amp DAC Naim Supernait? Bryston B100?
I am beginning the same search, but don't necessarily have to have the DAC in the same box.BTW: TACT makes such a product (pre/amp/dac), I believe. 
Keces da-131, any reviews or thoughts?
Any info on how to purchase a VALAB DAC? 
Possible to convert Apple Lossless to WAV.?
Good discussion. I have been using ALAC on iTunes for over 3 years now and have had n o issues in over 1000 CD's ripped and played. I have converted some of these files to .WAV and other roughly equivalent formats and not been able to discern a me... 
Budget USB DAC
I strongly recommend the Audiosector USB DAC. $380, hand assembled in Canada by its designer, Peter Daniel. I found it to be, overall, about as good as the Altmann Attraction DAC -- with slightly different strengths. 
Hope this helps someone with RFI problems
It is not a tube integrated. It is SS. 
Hope this helps someone with RFI problems
I inserted a new integrated amp in my system a few days ago. Now, I have a hiss/crackle/pop sound coming out of my speakers that is audible, even with music playing at low volumes, from my listening seat.Is this RFI/EMI? How can I tell if I am hav... 
good DAC , recommend plz and your reason?
Audiosector ($300-$400) and Altmann ($1500) make superb DAC's. Owned both and enjoyed each immensely. 
Will a new DAC make an improvement in sound?
Ehider: Do you know if the new DAC from Ultra-Fi will be a replacement for the iRoc or are you talking about the new expensive DAC they are coming out with that I think is going to cost around 3K (called the Jazz at their website, but no info is o... 
best inexpensive tube integrated
The Almarro 205 MkI or MkII would fit the bill. It is a fantastic amp.