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Today's Transport War: Significant Differences?
The best conventional transport I have tried is the newer CEC TL-51X (I think I have that model right) it retails for $1500. It was equivalent to the set-up I have now, but not better. Seandtaylor99: You make some important distinctions. I guess w... 
Today's Transport War: Significant Differences?
There will always be terms that need definition. I still think that where we are in this discussion is trying to answer the question of whether a computer can put out a digital signal equivalent to what a classical CD transport can put out. 
What format are most people using, and why?
I have all my files in Apple Lossless and think they sound great. If someday I wanted to convert all my files into some other Lossless scheme (not supported by MAC), like FLAC, is there software that allows you to do this properly? 
Your Music Server
MAC Powerbook G4 - running iTunesLacie 500GB-HD (Apple Lossless + AAC -- unplugged back-up) Lacie 300GB-HD (Apple Lossless - Daily use)HagUSB - USB to S/PDIF converter.Altmann Attraction DAC Altmann BYOB Integrated amp Commonsenseaudio Lowther 2.8... 
Today's Transport War: Significant Differences?
Okay, as of now (and this is just my read on the debate) the crux of the argument between the two positions I started this thread out with seems to be about whether the computer can send out a decent signal. Alex is suggesting that there is so muc... 
Today's Transport War: Significant Differences?
Steve N.: "If a CD-player is doing buffering and high-speed transfers of blocks of data, then it is actually a computer-based CD system, not a classical CDP at all."I guess this might be what I really want to know. Is it evolution, or, maybe conve... 
Today's Transport War: Significant Differences?
Very good point Ehart -- clearly a conversation about this topic in the cost-no-object realm would be different than in the budget and mid-price levels. A few of the organizing issues seem, to me, to be:1. The "rip" or how data is read 2. The qual... 
CDP's that have Digital Inputs
Cary 303/200. 
Anyone Totally Content With Their System?
I am content! I have found great satisfaction in the system I have right now. That said, I think my priorities in life are changing too. So, put the two together (really liking my system now, and changing priorites) and this is resulting in great ... 
SACD vs. Redbook with NOS DAC
I have a computer system with a NOS DAC -- see my system. I love it! Did I mention that I love it!Anyway, I was a SACD early adopter. I had about 150 SACD's at one point. I sold all my single layered SACD's and many of my hybrids over a year ago. ... 
Can someone guide me as to what Single driver ??
Check out: -- you can learn a lot there about single driver speakers. They also sell them, but their site is pretty informative. 
altman attraction dac vs empiracle dac1 12s
Great news, Herman. Congrats! 
altman attraction dac vs empiracle dac1 12s
Herman, you may want to experiment with the JISCO. I find the sound better with it "on". It is not something you can easily judge "on the fly". You need to listen to half of a song you know very well with the JISCO off, and then listen to that sam... 
Audiophile USB to PCM
Can anyone list all or most of the current devices out there that convert USB to S/PDIF for connecting a computer to a DAC?I am aware of the products by: Red Wine AudioEmpirical AudioU24 WaveterminalM-Audio Transit (modded and unmodded)Airport Exp... 
Personal speaker evolution
Update: When I last left this thread (8/02) I had owned Thiel CS 2.3's. Since then I owned VR-4JR's for three years. Now, I own a pair of single driver speakers from Lowther 2.8 Ambience.