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How much does your system retail for?
Well, the price of my system has come way down and the enjoyment factor has gone way up. Long story.......I am now under 7K retail. 
Reference Transports: An overall perspective
Anything's possible Teajay. If I get a chance to demo a really top-flight transport in my system I certainly will. That said, my hard-drive based music server isn't going anywhere, no matter what. There is just nothing like having any song or albu... 
Reference DACS: An overall perspective
Exlibris, you are right, the Altmann Attraction DAC thread in the Digital Forum of this site has been removed. Does anyone know why? When things like this happen, I think there should be some explanation by the moderators. BTW: Well done on your t... 
Reference Transports: An overall perspective
No, I have not used any of those. The transports I have had in my system tested against the hard-drive is the newer CEC TL-51X (I think I have the model right) -- it retails for around $1500. I have also had some older model Denon and Sony CD play... 
Reference Transports: An overall perspective
I am no expert. Others can speak to, and have in other threads, the merits of the hard drive. For example, Steve at Empirical Audio has written about this on threads in the computer audio forum and at his website. 
Reference Transports: An overall perspective
Personal speaker evolution
When I first began this hobby almost 20 years ago, I started with a pair of Magnepan 1.5's. I then went back and forth between this level of Maggies and a pair of Snell Type J's and Fried speakers. But had Maggie 1.5 QR for most of the time. Then ... 
non over sampling DAC better than 24/96 or192 DAC?
In the end I think it is a matter of implementation. One method is not automatically better than the is how the techonology is used (i.e., it is the whole package, input to output).My personal preference is for NOS implementations. I ... 
VR 2's, audes blues or eminent tecnology lft viii
I think the VR-2's would work very well for the situation you describe. At the price they are going for new/demo/used they would not be expensive to try out. 
Thiels or Von Schweikerts
I have owned Thiel CS 2.3's and VSA VR-2's and VR4-JR's. Both designers make fine speakers. I do think they are very different flavors though. Overall I prefer the Von Schweikert sound. You really have to hear them with your own head though. 
Recommend Speakers For Yamamoto
You should look into single driver speakers like those offerred by, or, - Zu would work as well. 
Von scheikert VR4jr what are you using ?
No doubt about that, Tvad. I may be just a little crazier than the next guy about this hobby, and trying stuff out. ;) 
Von scheikert VR4jr what are you using ?
I am now using a 10 watt (20 at 4 ohm) amp whose power supply is a 12V battery. Drives the JR's no problem to moderate listening levels. That said I have come to the conclusion that the JR's are just too big for my room. The overall dimensions of ... 
A Question for Maggie lovers/owners
The last pair of Maggies I owned were the 1.5QR's (10 yrs ago). Since then I just have not lived in a environment where I could place maggies. I also have gotten used to having the deeper bass response that comes with near full-range box speakers.... 
Totem Model 1 Sig with Sub or Mani 2 without a Sub
Good save, everyone. ;)