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Looking for a great value integrated
Try the new Rega Brio 900 bucks Clarity and musical and built and heavey like a brick 
Review: Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 DA converter
Hello The only limitations and disappointments I found with this dac is, "We all have to pay for one" 
Good preamp for Vandersteen and McCormack
McCormack Line stage amp , perfect 
Opinions of Burmester Rondo integrated?
which is your opinion about the new Halcro preamp?
Had the Liberty to audition the Halcro 10 preamp in my system. I was running a Wadia 861 directly into the new Edge 6 power amp w/Sonus Grand piano speakers and NBS middle line cables and P/cords . Then I ran it threw the Halcro preamp.I thought t...