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DAC for CD transport
Yay....my question exactly too. I am leaning towards the Teac UD501 or UD503 (new or used) or the Gustard a20h. Seeking dense, smooth, romantic and analogue sounding there.  
Looking for really fine cables at really low price
@grannyring Thanks for your feedback. If I may...I have a few more questions.What kind of connectors did you use? Did you experiment with different types of connectors and what were your findings? I am seeking the vintage tone of the Duelunds but ... 
Looking for really fine cables at really low price
Any feedback on sonic differences between the Belden 8402 and Duelund 16GA interconnects? Which is more extended at the top end? How about bass slam? Listening taste almost solely Jazz female vocals and acoustic instrumental especially piano and a... 
Need help TEAC Sac UD504
I have an integrated amp and do not wish to fiddle with 2 volume controls. Will I be able to bypass the pre-amplifier in the Teac and just use the volume control on the integrated amp? Thanks 
Help with an integrated amp for Joseph Audio Rm25xl's
Hi guys...would 22wpc tube be sufficient? 10 x 14 x 10. Acoustic jazz instrumental and vocals. Non demanding.  Moderate listening levels. Thanks 
The most transparent speaker cable
Not quite a newbie...but not technically inclined and definitely has tinned ears. After years in this hobby and am now wondering....Is there such a thing as cables being "transparent" sounding? How does one really know if the cables are transparen... 
Duelund DCA16GA
@mikirob Thanks for your help and feedback.  
Duelund DCA16GA
@mikirob Please do share what you think are Duelund's strengths and how they compare with other cables that you had in your system. I am also most interested in getting a pair of 8402 ICs and am wondering if they marry (with the WE or Duelund sc) ... 
American Made Audio Unveils New Site For Made in USA Components
Joseph Audio not made in United States? 
Best solo piano recording...redbook CDs only...Jazz, easy listening, piano bar
Thanks Everyone. Great recommendations. Enough to start a mini collection. Anymore?  
Best solo piano recording...redbook CDs only...Jazz, easy listening, piano bar
Thanks Guys! Keep em coming. I intend to build a mini collection for late night listening. Bought a few duds lately. Like the music but sounded like a...toy piano and really clangy. Just couldn't get into it especially for semi critical listening.  
Direction of aftermarket fuses (only for believers!)
AMR gold fuses vs....the rest. I have asked this question months ago. Since then, there have been a some new players and new offerings from existing manufacturers. Looking for feedback on how the rest of the field stack up against the AMR. Seeking... 
Where is the weakest link in my system?
@syntax. Totally agree with you. For me...not only more coherent...but also a smoother, mellower and warmer SQ.  
Has there been any inexpensive item that enhanced your system's sound?
Yeah...would like some feedback too. For me...enhanced would be richer, fuller, smoother and unetched.  
up to $2,500 to spend............
Thanks everyone. Really appreciate time taken to offer advise. I have always wanted to get into computer audio...now is a good time to get myself educated on it.