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Curious How These Nordost Speaker Cables Do What They Do
+1 for Kimber Bifocal-X 
Looking for the best moving coil cart that is around $5K used
handymannNothing could be further from the truth that a TT has little to do with the sound.The analog chain is much more complex than you are currently appreciating.  Do yourself a favor and do some reading provided on this link: http://hifigem.c... 
TT mats
handyman,I too, have an older VPI TT with a heavy metal platter.  I am using the GEM Dandy R.C.C. (Rubber Cork Compound) Turntable Mat.  Designed and sold by George Merrill.  BTW "GEM" are Mr. Merrill's initials.  He sells many well designed analo... 
Balanced Preamp recommendations up to $5,500
Unless you are heavily invested in balanced interconnects and components with balanced input connectors, I am baffled by your criteria that limits the preamplifier to balanced inputs and outputs.   
Shopping for Interconnects
Yes that is the correct Belden Cable on your above link.  My reference regarding Nickel vs Gold Neutrik male RCA's is for example.  My mono block amplifiers have Nickel Female RCA's and my Preamplifier has Gold Female RCA's.  So when I custom made... 
Shopping for Interconnects
Quick addendum to my above post.If you don't have the soldering equipment or skills then take your components to an electronics repair shop and have the technician do the work for you. 
Shopping for Interconnects
I purchased an adequate length of Belden 9259 on eBay and the RCA's from Parts ExpressGold Male RCA's https://www.parts-express.com/neutrik-rean-nys352g-rca-plug-connector-gold--092-112Nickel Male RCA's https://www.parts-express.com/neutrik-rean-n... 
Balanced Preamp recommendations up to $5,500
The Sutherland N-1 may be a bit out of your price range but not by much and it is strictly single ended.  Maybe the best preamplifier on the planet. Check out the following links:http://sutherlandengineering.com/products/n1/Owners Manual http://ww... 
Bi Wire vs Speaker Jumpers
I am using Kimber Bifocal X with WBT CU locking bananas on both ends. Wilson Benesch Loudspeakers include a set of their proprietary jumpers but I elected to bi-wire from the beginning.  Simply heaven and I don't believe that I wasted my $$.  I do... 
Shopping for Interconnects
I would take exception to recommending the Belden 89289 or the 1505f.Even after trying the much lauded 8402 they all fell short of the 9259! Very highly recommended. 
aluminum platter vs Acrylic not what I thought
Arguably, the best record mat is: http://hifigem.com/rcc-record-mat.htmlby George Merrill. Not expensive and accomplishes the task. Don't worry what it is sitting on. 
For tube sound, which is more important: preamp or power amp?
Many meaningful contributions presented.  In my experience I have discovered that finding a great preamplifier a daunting task. Let's face it, if your preamplifier can't resolve the micro-details/dynamics along with the other obvious positive qual... 
Worked Backwards and Would like to Hear Suggestions on Speakers
Don't discount Wilson-Benesch among the other suggestions. Check them out, as they receive many top awards at shows and quite a few "jaw-dropping" responses in my listening room! 
Ayre KX-R or PS Audio BHK Pre
I sincerely hope you are a satisfied. Give it a 100 hours or so before you come to any conclusions. Happy listening! 
Ayre KX-R or PS Audio BHK Pre
IMO that is a very limited selection. You would do very well to check out the Sutherland Engineering N1 preamplifier. After I auditioned the Ayre in my system I purchased the N1. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.