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True audio stories! Do you have any?
Sure, Basil was a very cool cat.  Purchased a number of things from him.A friend of mine from Chicago introduced us. He acquired some pretty interesting equipment. 
Turntable Recommendation 15K budget Avid Acutus, Brinkmann, Oracle, Nottingham,,
Check Out the Merrill Williams "The R.E.A.L. 101 Turntable"Install your Tri-Planer Tone Arm and you will never look back!                              Have George fix you up!Best of luck 
Is my room going to suck
It should work out well. George Cardas has developed some very useful speaker placement formulas for rectangular rooms.  Check it out.http://www.cardas.com/room_setup_rectangular_room.phpBest of luck  
Need Help: What In My Home Electric System Killed the Sound?
Probably not the AC Electrical supply.  Most likely a component partial failure (only guesses here but maybe in a power supply issue).  If possible try substations for components to find the culprit. If you have not changed anything in your setup ... 
Cartridge help: Ortofon Cadenza vs. Soundsmith Paua
I am using an Ortofon Cadenza Blue w/ a Sutherland MC Phono Stage.Very musical. For a helpful hand I would recommend a quick consultation with one of the vinyl gods...George Merrill at Analog Emporium. His shop is in a Memphis suburb. (901) 751-33... 
Top Ten Rock Vocalists
Don Henley!John Kay+ Many of the others already listed 
Can too many components on one outlet affect the sound of an amp?
To begin...an outlet is an outlet.  All are required to be 15 amp rated and all they do is pass power.  You can't hear any difference from one brand of outlet to another. Just make sure the integrity of the outlet is good and not old and fatigued.... 
Class "A" phono cartridge discussion.
Since you are cartridge shopping only, I must assume that you are very pleased with your tonearm and turntable.  That being said...don't distress over Stereophile ratings.  Everything in your analog audio chain must be optimized which is no small ...