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Outlets and Wire Gauge? - Please help!
cleeds, et al., Mia culpa, you certainly may run 10awg wire from a 20 amp breaker to a special 20 amp outlet that will accommodate that wire size.  You will not gain any more amperage as the circuit breaker will only allow roughly 20 amps.  If yo... 
Outlets and Wire Gauge? - Please help!
This is just basic outlet wiring practices and how to follow electrical codes. A 15-amp circuit should be wired with 14 ga. only.  Using larger ga. wire is a fools errand.  In this situation, you can basically overload the circuit and not trip yo... 
going from tube preamp to solid state
There are a multitude of really good SS & Tube preamplifiers.  There are some really bad preamplifiers, too.  Stick to the requirements that you need for connectivity and try to demo a few if you can.  Happy listening & Best of Luck.  
Is Imaging Worth Chasing?
Back to your original query...Yes, imaging is definitely worth chasing.  When you have it, you will never want it to go away!  
Upgrade Cables or Just Upgrade Equipment & Live in Shame?
  jasonbourne52 is on point.  Don't go drastic & do a swarm.  Try adding just 1 more REL 5Ti Subwoofer and evaluate.   Best of Luck  
Upgrade to McIntosh
Just be aware of one of the most remorseful decisions involved in choosing your hi-fi gear: Purchasing a less expensive piece of gear instead of what you really wanted! Best of luck  
Best turntable under $4000
If it's $4K all in for a complete turntable/tonearm/cartridge you should consider: Poly Table Signature from George Merrill...PolyTable Signature (hifigem.com).  George is Mr. Analog in my opinion and many others.  Check out his web page the gea... 
Why so few devices with BNC's??
BNC is an acronym for British Nut Connector.  It is most often encountered in measurement equipment and some older hi-fi gear from the likes of Dayton-Wright in Canada.  With the well entrenched RCA Connector it is difficult to usurp. It is depen... 
Cables from amp to preamp or longer speaker cables…
With few exceptions, it is better to use longer interconnects (RCA or balanced) and shorter loudspeaker cables.  
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
Difficult but: Nora Jones Linda Ronstadt Sara Brightman  
Confession: I only like Norah Jones because so many others told me to
+1 for sparksgja Perfect & succinct  
Advice? Less than $4k, solid state preamp, neutral to gentle
I would look for a used Sutherland Engineering N1 Preamp.  They don't come on the used market very often.  I auditioned this against an Ayre and chose the N1. More versatile than the Ayre but strictly single-ended. Instrument grade quality and ch... 
New Sugden mono blocks have arrived.
Awesome, enjoy!  
At this level of high(er) end audio why not offer balanced connections?
+1 for carlsbad My single-ended preamp easily drives my 25' RCA interconnects to my mono blocks.  Of course, they are quality cables & connectors. From what I can gather, if the preamp (single ended) has a low output impedance it would/shoul... 
So I was changing a lightbulb last night…
+3 bad or improper dimmer switch.