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Need 25 foot interconnects
+1 for Kota1 I have a pair of 25' RCA interconnects with Mogami W2549 cable on Neutrik NF2CB RCA's (or a simpler less expensive execution would be to use Rean NYS352G RCA's). Extremely pleased. Good luck  
Streamed music sounds awful in my system and I don't know why ....
Too much bad information.  A specialty pc can become part of a hi end playback system.  WMP has no place...try JRiver MC or even WinAmp.   Unfortunately, no truly fine internal pc DACs exist.  The last true audiophile PCI sound card was the M-Aud... 
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
Wilson Benesch builds very competent stand mounted loudspeakers.  I continue to enjoy my Vertex loudspeakers & added the W-B Torus System.  Hardly in the super east no object league, but always engaging.  
How long should speaker cables be?
Yes, as many have stated, short runs of loudspeaker cable are often best.  To be practical I would say 3 meters or shorter if possible.  But the real world often dictates otherwise. I would like to offer that keeping single ended interconnects (S... 
What's better, one conductor or two conductors for an RCA interconnect?
Since you are only concerned with single ended RCA interconnects with coaxial cables, I will share my experience with you.   For many years I used a fine 75-ohm Belden #9259 oxygen free single center conductor coaxial cable with a bare copper bra... 
What cause tweeters hiss ?
I should have stated to try a cheater plug on the Denafrips Ares II power cord. Many cheater plugs sold today are polarized and have a green tab on them. You should leave the tab in place.  If the cheater plug eliminates the hiss than you are good... 
The vanishing stereo rack
taww, I get your point(s) about where to place the dedicated rack in your remodeled space and the fact that 2-channel systems are not commonplace.  Passions and pursuits are not the same for everyone.  I can simply wish you luck going forward.    
What cause tweeters hiss ?
Try floating the ground with a cheater plug and see if it dissappear. Generally, the only component that you have to ground is the preamplifier.   
Best turntable for the buck
VPI is a consideration. Try & demo it in your system.  
Best turntable for the buck
+1 for George Merrill's Super Poly  Table with a MC Cartridge & Ron Sutherland's Phono Loco and you won't look back. As mentioned,  the Well Tempered & Sota Star Sapphire are great tables. Setup is always key.  Best of luck.  
The vanishing stereo rack
This is definitely a niche concept and not the "norm" or usual arrangement.  Wide range adoption of the "vanishing stereo rack" will be unusual and or futuristic.  
Opportunity to buy Demo Magico M2?
I am not a Magico owner, but I can honestly say that my loudspeakers (W-B) required at least 400 hours (almost 4x's longer than the owner's manual suggests before making any subjective judgements) of "break-in".  Fortunately, my preamplifier has a... 
Homage to those who are pleased with your audio rig
Good for you, 2psyop My current system began taking shape 4 years ago and recently became complete and the sound is fabulous.  I am now re-listening to just about everything in my collection. The journey has been fulfilled! VPI HW19 table with a... 
What type of wire for dedicated 20A AC lines?
Good intentions and bad information about having 2 20amp 120v dedicated circuits & outlets will create a massive ground loop and hum.  A 15amp 120v outlet will generally suffice for 2 channel home audio.  If you must add a dedicated 20 amp 12... 
Many higher end preamps are dated and ugly, why is this?
Preamp aesthetics may or may not have any bearing on it's sound quality.  I've stated this before and will repeat it here again.."good preamplifiers are few & far between". Many are flawed in different areas and it is difficult to execute ev...