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Anyone Successfully Go from Floor Standers to Bookshelf Monitors w/ Subs?
+1 for Wilson Benesch. Contact: Brian Ackerman at: Aaudio Imports: Contact Us  
Which to upgrade first: Turntable or Phono Preamp
I would recommend the PolyTable Signature built by George Merrill in Tennessee.  PolyTable Signature (hifigem.com)George has many informative turntable design papers and other informative works on his website Analog Emporium:  Analog Emporium (h... 
Anything SS sounds better than D'Agostino ?
One must remember that synergy between amplifier(s) and a particular speaker is not a myth.  BOL 
Warm, rich but detailed SS preamp (made you give up tubes)
Another + for Sutherland.  I'm using the N1 preamp and it is stunning.  A true straight wire with gain.  If you can find one you will never look back.  It is full featured and awesome.  Engaging in spades!Otherwise, if you can live with the compro... 
Warm romantic & detailed
+1 for eric_squiresNot anything to loose and a great upside. Best of luck  
Why is black so popular for components?
Correction: "Stabilant 22" 
Why is black so popular for components?
It's really a historical phenomenon.  Everything way back used to be silver. A fellow from Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada...Michael Dayton Wright produced all of his electronics in black and it started the wave of conversion. He produced some incre... 
smaller speakers for critical listening?
There are a some very notable smaller speakers listed by others above that will allow critical listening with or without a subwoofer/s.  You mentioned a Wilson Benesch speaker in your introduction to our query but it's quite expensive.I took the a... 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
In no particular order:Sara BrightmanLinda RonstadtNora JonesRicky Lee JonesJennifer WarnesSadePicking 3 is impossible. 
Your most indispensable "tweak"?
1) Great Cables2) Stabilant 22A (From Concentrate Stabilant 22)  https://smile.amazon.com/Stabilant-5ml-Kit-Makes-30ml/dp/B001E50GQS/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2VZVB6OK4366C&dchild=1&keywords=stabilant+22&qid=1601662310&sprefix=Stabilant%2Ca... 
Length of speaker cables
I am using Kimber Summit Series  Bifocal XL 2.0 Meters each terminated with WBT610 CU Banana Connectors. Part #  BFXL2.0MP0610CuBetween my monoblocks and my speakers which accept this connector and they split the Hi Frequency & Lo Frequency. ... 
Honest question about cartridge vs. turntable performance.
The turntable should be the thing in your system that vanishes and most don't.  Check out anything that George Merrill builds.... http://hifigem.com/ He's been doing this for a long time and there are several informative papers that he's authore... 
Looking for new speakers
Agree with the others that there is a problem upstream.  If in the unlikely event that it turns out to be the loudspeakers and you want to make a jump to something else....+1 for  http://aaudioimports.com/ShowProduct.asp?hProduct=320Seriously goo... 
Best Speakers for a small Nearfield room, budget at most $10000 (used is also ok)
I have been extremely pleased with my purchase of the Wilson Benesch Vertex Loudspeakers  http://wilson-benesch.com/vertex-stand-mounted-loudspeaker/Worth a look and they fit your budget.  I recently added a single subwoofer....truly giant killer... 
Reliability of brand
I would guide you towards a proper matching of electronics to your loudspeakers.  Brand shopping with longevity may or may not get you the sound that you desire.  Listen and choose...best of luck!