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Need preamp recommendation
If you can find a used Sutherland Audio N1 Preamp you may find audio nirvana! 
Looking to improve my system
I have a dedicated 2 channel hi-fi room with the speakers on the long wall as you do. L= 12'3" x W= 11'7" Main ceiling is nearly 11' with a recessed tray ceiling going an additional foot up.  The front of each speaker is 30.5" from the back wall &... 
What isolation feet under your amp with great result?
I use Acapella Platform(s) with Acapella Couplers/Footers, puck 3/set.The platforms are very heavy and provide great vibrational sinks & the couplers/footers add the final element of isolation. 
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
I have always had good experiences with Kimber.  I own an assortment for different applications and systems. 
stand-mount speakers for classical music
Explore the Geometry line offerings from Wilson Benesch.   
Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
Is an integrated better or an improvement over separates?  Unequivocally no.  However, the more important factor that may be missed in this query is: Have you found a synergistic combination with an integrated that is very magical and satisfying? ... 
How do you sort your LPs?
I emulate big_greg.Alphabetically by artist first name. My entire collection is catalogued in Discogs. 
seeking recommendations for a preamp
Whatever you consider, audition it if possible.  Pre-amps are in my opinion a very weak link in the audio chain.  Specifications in most cases are worthless.  Happy hunting! 
Advise on Long Phono Cable run
jagjag,I believe it would behoove you to consider a simple audio rack to "pull" your system together.  Placing your TT on the uppermost shelf and your integrated or phono stage on the next shelf etc.If a four shelf unit would work well for you I w... 
30 Amplifiers Totaling $428,740.00 In Search of Audio Nirvana
Strangely it could be a loudspeaker issue.....Ever get a chance to listen to a pair of Wilson Benesch from the Geometry series??A.C.T. One Evolution or for the very hard to please with a large room:Eminence 
AC Dedicated Line
Some valid and some not so valid points on this subject.  The amperage of a circuit breaker has several requirements.  Example: a 15 amp breaker should have the correct wire distribution...not to exceed the capability of the breaker....this should... 
Your favourite music movie?
Trying not to repeat any already mentioned/credited:With HonorsOut Of AfricaThe Hit Man's BodyguardGuardians of The Galaxy 1 & 2Almost FamousPurple Rain  
Your reference system?
My reference system:Wilson Benesch Vertex LoudspeakersSutherland Engineering N1 PreamplifierEKSC Eagle 11 Prime Monoblocks  Placed on Fondato Silenzio Isolation Platforms with Acapella's       Couplers/FootersCustom made W7 Silent HD Audio... 
The best speaker for a small room...at any price point.
A follow-up to my earlier recommendation.  I own a pair of Wilson Benesch Vertex (from the Geometry series).  Extremely satisfied.Cheers and good luck! 
The best speaker for a small room...at any price point.
Do yourself a favor and try to listen to anything by Wilson Benesch in their Geometry Series!http://wilson-benesch.com/geometry-series/