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The best speaker for a small room...at any price point.
A follow-up to my earlier recommendation.  I own a pair of Wilson Benesch Vertex (from the Geometry series).  Extremely satisfied.Cheers and good luck! 
The best speaker for a small room...at any price point.
Do yourself a favor and try to listen to anything by Wilson Benesch in their Geometry Series!http://wilson-benesch.com/geometry-series/ 
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
1) EKSC Eagle 11 Prime Monoblocks-the best amplifier from Electron Kinetics-John Iverson and later updated by Russell Sherwood.  Difficult to come by as their owners never seem to give them up and not expensive.2) A Pair of BEL (Brown Electronic L... 
Forever turntable under $2000
I should add that I have purchased several analog products from Mr. Merrill and have always been satisfied.  None however could approach the joy I get from buying the Sutherland N1 Preamplifier from George. 
Forever turntable under $2000
Some great suggestions but I would join "leotis" and get a Merrill GEM Dandy PolyTable.  I've know George for decades and he can get you some goose-bumps!This "budget" table gets all the trickle down R&D from his Merrill-Williams ... 
Is Pre-Amp needed
Preamps can be extremely problematic.  A good preamp can be a big game changer.  Audition before purchase if you can....in your home with your gear.  My Sutherland N1 is spectacular.  Single ended bliss!!I listen to both digital & analog. 
What in your mind represents real technological advancement.
I have a pair of Vertex in Burl Walnut finish from W.B.Other equipment:Pair of EKSC Eagle 11' monoblocks on Acapella Isolation Platforms & Acapella Couplers/Footers Sutherland Engineering N1 PreamplifierVPI HW19 modified with parts from Analog... 
What in your mind represents real technological advancement.
+1 for Wilson Benesch 
What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?
Eminence by Wilson Benesch 
Who makes great active preamps ? Tube or solid state or hybrid.
You can search but when it's over you will find bliss with the N1 from Sutherland Engineering.  Full fledged with phono as well. Underrated and rarely reviewed.  A benchmark in my opinion and many others.  You'll be hard pressed to stop smiling! 
Why do some manufacturers reverse preamp polarity in the first place?
The reality is that there are no standards for preamplifiers like output voltage, polarity, etc.Preamplifiers are the biggest offenders on all things.  Most are flawed to very flawed. 
Speaker Width?
+1 for erik_squires 
What class of amplifier has the most high definition sound ?
What a can of worms.  Synergy is the real quest.  It's mating the loudspeaker to a power amplifier that has the right chemistry.  Certain combinations or one particular amplifier are/is pure magic while others are simply pitiful.  
Vinyl***What If***
Highly recommend great performance TT/TA setup from George Merrill:http://hifigem.com/polytable.html  or for an upgrade: http://hifigem.com/PolyTableSUPER12.htmlGeorge is a down to earth guy that is more than a wealth of analog information.Enjoy!  
Looking for the best Preamp with a phono circuit built in
Your search should include the Sutherland Engineering N1 preamplifier.https://sutherlandengineering.com/products/n1/I've been using mine for about 2 years and could not be more pleased.  My search is over and yours could be too!  Single ended happ...