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Preamp Choice... a hard call for me.
Consider the Sutherland Engineering N1.   https://sutherlandengineering.com/products/n1/Amazing performance and elegant too! 
Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)
Try to audition Wilson-Benesch loudspeakers. 
Warmer sounding Solid State
Warmer sounding SS is/are finely designed and executed devices that have very low distortion levels. Both odd & even order harmonic distortions are essentially negligible.That's what makes them sound "different" and often more engaging and lis... 
best preamps
The Sutherland Engineering N1   
Best TT under $1k
+1 for the GEM PolyTable.   
VPI Prime or Scout or ???
+1 for the Merrill GEM PolyTable! 
My experience after lost of 20k$
amir52bsAs with all things hi-fidelity the approach and basics make all the difference.  I have never used a MacBook Pro as a computer source for any resolution digital audio files.  My experience is anything but disappointing.  I constructed a si... 
+1 for George Merrill's Super12 PolyTable.  George's PolyTable designs reap the benefits of his Merrill-Wiliams 101.3 Turntable.  Check it out on: http://hifigem.com/ 
Help me pick a phono, pre and cart
Going with a full-fledged preamplifier would make a lot of sense.Try the Sutherland Engineering N1 https://sutherlandengineering.com/products/n1/Owners Manual  https://sutherlandengineering.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Sutherland-N1-OwnersManual... 
Parasound JC 3+ Phono Preamp Hum
Hum can indeed be difficult to isolate.  hifiman5 has given some very good advice.  I would suggest the following:1) Use a quality multi-outlet strip to plug all of your components AC plugs into2) That may eradicate your hum issue.  If it does not... 
Phono Preamp Recommendations
+1 for Sutherland 20/20.I have owned a Ph3D which was the predecessor to the 20/20.I now own the N1 Preamplifier and it is simply state of the art! 
Stand mount loudspeakers
You would do well to check-out the Wilson Benesch webpage at http://wilson-benesch.com/  I have been living with the Vertex model in the Geometry Series: http://wilson-benesch.com/geometry-series/ for over a year now.No offense to any of the other... 
Good Speaker within a budget of USD10,000
Some very good suggestions have already been offered.  Take a look at Wilson-Benesch Geometry Series: http://wilson-benesch.com/geometry-series/I own the Vertex model which is pretty much the entry level in the series.  Superb!Happy hunting 
I'd like to hear recommendations for Turntables under $5,000
I would recommend the PolyTable SUPER12 by George Merrill.  Link: http://hifigem.com/PolyTableSUPER12.htmlCheck it out! 
The ups and downs of tube vs. SS...
atmasphere & kosst_amojan   Both make compelling and sensible contributions on this subject.Excellent choices for solid state do exist. I know for certain that you would have to pry my Sutherland N1 preamp from my lifeless hands.  Same goes fo...