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What drivers? What capacitors? What inductors?  
Oh, he can hear things we can’t. There are soooooo many voices in his head, and only he, the Kenidjit, can hear them. Why does Audiogon keep letting this clown back on the forum?    Consistently condescending towards the ENTIRE Audiogon communit... 
M-ba-ha-ha-ha.    The Kenidjit has spoken.  
What is your experience with amp power?
Been thinking about amp power for a while now. Diy builder of amps, so I spend time thinking about this. The issue of bigger power amps is more about the power supply than the number of gain devices at the output stage I think. Unless you are d... 
50 years of Hip Hop- How Come?
@tylermunns    Copy and paste the following into your browser: How Jazz became Hip Hop Or is that too much work for you? And thank you for the oh so insightful information on how pop music is short form for popular music.   
Upgrade to McIntosh
@audioman58    McIntosh is producing product in China? Which models are being made there?  
Did the Old Receivers Sound Good?
No, they don’t stand up to todays gear. Ive recapped/rebuilt several Marantz units myself, and while they have a certain charm to their sound, they don’t stand up to critical scrutiny in listening tests.    Was just comparing a Marantz 7T with a... 
50 years of Hip Hop- How Come?
@curtdr    Well, isn’t that just the dumbest comparison.  Old white guys have historically been subjected to such marginalization, right?  And seeing as how I’m an old white guy… Any other clever comments you want to add?    
50 years of Hip Hop- How Come?
Old white guys discussing rap and hip hop.   Hilarious.   You do all realize, it was born out of jazz?   It is the urban music of our time and is a reflection of the disenfranchised of large groups of people. It’s not my thing, but I don’t... 
The 300B World
Decware had released their new Zen Sarah SEWE300B amp. Very curious, but long waitlist at Decware for their products.  
Made in USA
Main system Turntable - Swiss Tonearm - England Cartridge - Danish Phono Pre - US (power supply China) CD - France DAC - US Streamer - China  Pre amp(s) - US (Both upgraded with parts from around the world) Amp(s) - DIY and US (Both upgra... 
I am considering a luxman 3600 tube amp as my first adventure into tube amplifiers?
Was it the one listed on CAM that was sold?  
I am considering a luxman 3600 tube amp as my first adventure into tube amplifiers?
As has been said above, I would be more concerned about synergy with your current speakers than buying a vintage tube amp. That, and the quality of the workmanship with the mod. Vintage tube amps are really basic devices. Capacitors, resistors, t... 
Tube or solid state
Been  listening to tubes exclusively since the early 90s. Tried other tube amps, but kept going back to my EL34 integrated, Just over a year ago, started listening to SS amps. Kept going back to the EL34 as it just sounded better than anything e... 
What is the current retail cost of your reference system?
Seeing as I built my turntable, my speakers and my power amp, I have no idea what an equivalent commercially built set up would cost. My tuner, CD player, DAC and phono stage were all purchased in the 90’s.    So for the performance I have, and t...