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Short speaker cable recommendation
thanks Mikirob the link provided was sold out but he had another link that looked the same and I bought some.fingers crossedit sounds like an amazing deal and I can return my Anti Cable;^) 
Short speaker cable recommendation
Grannyring now you got me looking at the WE16g but the link you gave above expired. Can you recommend another source?thanks 
Short speaker cable recommendation
Mikirob I do not know much about wire but here is a linkI hope this helpshttp://www.belden.com/techdatas/metric/1585A.pdf 
Short speaker cable recommendation
how about Belden 1585a?Grannyring or Mikirob?Have you compared it to the 8402?not trying to hi jack the thread but this was recommended to me on AA and maybe should be considered... 
Odd rock trivia-Who knew?
from allmusic: From late August to early October, they recorded the celebrated double album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (November 1970) with guitarist Duane Allman sitting in.They do not mention Dave Mason however...fwiw 
overwhelmed by record rituals
I skimmed over this post and read about half of it but I am surprised that no one mentioned using steam cleaners on vinyl.It seems like steam was such a good idea a few years back.Is this now a bad idea?sorry to hi jack the thread but I was expect... 
Acoustic Zen wow bright?
the WOW is full sounding but with a bit of brightness from what I remember.of course ymmvfwiw the MatRef is a big step up in extension and detail 
Feeling Old Anne Meara passed away.
she was nice and funny I feel bad for Ben and Jerry 
Which component video cable should I buy?
fwiw I use component cables made by Signalcable and they were a big improvement over stock cables 
Kanye West - Grammy comment, re Beck
Kayne vs Justin deathmatch on HBO for $1000 to seesellout! 
"Warm Sounding" Solid State Amplifiers
NAD is a good choice and also Plinius 
Why so underwhelmed by Revel F208 audition???
it could be a bad match with the amplifier or it may just be under poweredfwiw 
Best Computer Speakers
I would like to compare the Audioengine 2+ with my Focal XS 2.1 especially since the DAC in the Audioengine is 6 years newerpretty darn happy with the Focal though, neutral and detailed and full range (subjectively) 
Do Pangea PC's really outperform standard PC's
with an Audio Note amp my homemade PC really opened up the soundstage, a huge improvement really and for $70 with other amps I heard less of a difference 
Another UPS Horror Story
I had someone tell me they double boxed items so the outer box is too big to throw and catch. It may be a good tactic but it certainly makes you think...