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Hey, you can always come visit me out here in the center of the universe in S.E. Iowa to hear my Maplenoll. 
Albert has decided to move on from the Walker for yet to be clarified reasons. Perhaps he is enamored enough with the results he is getting from his modified Technics SP10 mk II and SME 312S that he feels compelled to downsize. Personally, I prefe... 
2008 RMAF – – – all things analog.
I'll be there, my first RMAF. Looking forward to meeting up and to it being a step from the usual CES insanity. 
Clearaudio Statement
I've listened to it at Musical Surroundings, with a not yet broken in Benz prototype cartridge, through Aesthetix electronics and Vandersteen V speakers. It was quit good, very revealing with excellent speed stability. Beyond that there was too mu... 
A'feil makes an often overlooked point and underscores the reason that 45s sound so good. 
I believe the "i"(Larry) has it. It's worth mentioning that the anti skate scale on some older arms are marked to differentiate between the stylus drag of conical and eliptical stylus profiles. It is interesting to me in the light of some of the c... 
Dyscoveries on Dyna, Denon, Supex, Technics,FR,Ik
Thanks for your thoughts, Raul, sensible as always. 
Dyscoveries on Dyna, Denon, Supex, Technics,FR,Ik
Raul,what do you not like about the PC-1? And can you vouch for the set up in the systems you heard it in? 
Furutech / Air Tight LP Flattener - do they work?
Both, in that the clamp and ring combo improve the sound significantly even with flat records, and, as noted above, they will not cure severe edge warps. 
ZYX cartridges
IMHO, the new Orpheus Low is much better than the normal version for not much more money. I've compared the two directly. If I had the chance to do a low loss trade I'd jump on it. And the low output version is still not that low, as I said before... 
Anyone hear technics tt and vpi scoutmaster/Aries?
Very well rapped up Tvad, Johnnyb and A'feil. 
ZYX cartridges
Speedy,Just be glad you're not this passionate about computers.There's also a new Airtight PC-1 Supreme for a significant premium. Haven't heard it. ...and a new Magic Diamond, which I have heard.Raul,I love your perseverance with this angle. The ... 
ZYX cartridges
Speedy,yes this is a new design, or more accurately a new version,by special request, just shipping as of two weeks ago. Profundo's website is not typically very up to date. 
good isolation shelf for rega planar 2
I would go with the Rega wall shelf and then experiment affordably with a thick Maple in conjunction with Sorbothane pucks between the Maple and the shelf and brass cones between the TT and the Maple.dealer disclosure 
Rega P25 Speed Controller
The Heed and Rega are close cousins. If you want to go fancier, you can spend more than your table's worth on a VPI or Walker. dealer disclosure.