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Where would you go after Wilson WP7?
Everybody knows surround preamps are not as good as stereo preamps, Krell or whatever you want... Sorry but hiend speakers NEED hiend preamps 
Wilson Sophia 1 or Puppy 5.1
Of course you should check global drivers condition from both speakers you finally buy, Sophia 1 or WP-5.1 
Help With System hum, Please
Maybe the problem is the noise ratio of your preamp, maybe is a bad solderes cable... There are tooany factors here to check 
Wilson Sophia 1 or Puppy 5.1
Sophia 1 pros:Easy to loadEasy to make them sound "right"Sweeter highsWp 5.1 pros:You can play with WATT tiltYou can get better mid/bass responseMore transparent sound but you need better electronicsImho I will prefer WP because you will get bette... 
Amplifiers To Use With Lumenwhite Speakers
After some time with a couple of Cello Encore 150 I understood they are the best "home" amplifier design by this people. Tom (RIP) and Paul, now Viola Audio Labs, keep the essential sound but less analytic and sweeter. 
Where would you go after Wilson WP7?
You problem is not the WPs, is your Preamp. Try to add some really good stereo preampand you will hear hiend ;-DRegards 
Can a Prima Luna Prologue 5 drive early Maggies?
As Magnepan owner powerful solid state I recommend you, don't hesitate about it. 
Speakers that copied the Wilson Watt Puppy look
What about Jas Plato ?? 
Kuzma 4 Point owners - Do you use damping?
Congrats!! You have a good comboIs the problem affecting all LPs played? 
I was kidnapped by apes - DeVore Gibbon88s
I was audition for a couple of hours last week a pair of Silverback amplified by so e 300B from MasterSound and the sound was terrific.I enjoyed a lot big scene (fron wall to wall) but with the right scale of instruments/voices. Microdynamics and ... 
Kuzma Four Point compared to SME V-12 tonearm
4points and Simplicity are these days two of the best choices available at any price 
Is Nagra BPS The Best Small Phono Pre?
I don't like the small batteries function. You only cam get the best sound at the begining. There is also an evident boom bass signature in the music.Ath this price point I prefer the Trilogy phono amp. Honest and as clean as Bps soundAnyway if yo... 
Where would you go after Wilson WP7?
Sorry guys, Raidho needs medium to big rooms to get a proper scale and midbass control 
Raidho C1.1
These days with the X Monitor LE, guys these speakers sound amazing. Open mids and highs, neutral balance and great scale. Bad things are they need big SS amps to get the best sound and a big room because of their really inusual punch at their siz... 
Clearaudio Maestro turntable discontinued
Clearaudio renew some of the gear this year.Champion models are discontinued and you have now Innovation series. They also change some cartridge models and discontinue the SPG power generatorFlagship Master Innovation is a genuine piece of arthttp...