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PS VK Control Center passive preamp
Oh well. Maybe I'll start a "tubes vs. ss" thread. ;) 
PS VK Control Center passive preamp
Hrm, I was hoping for something/anything. Any advice on how I could make this a more answerable query? I'd be happy to post listening notes, etc. later. I'm currently vacationing in Costa Rica. I came across a retrospective of Costa Rican rock/pop... 
Voice. Most powerful and natural instrument.
Why wouldn't a vastly more complex instrument with a seamless interface have the edge in overall musicality? We're close on the interface issue: the kazoo. What we need is a better kazoo. 
Monoblocks, passive bi-amped or passive tri-amped?
No report back yet?I thought I'd weigh in, since I'm vertically passively biamping a very bare-bones system right now. Like others, I lurk the forums looking for firsthand experiences, so I may as well share mine. It just so happened that a couple... 
No sound for DVD, Blu-Ray, or Cox via digital.
I set up both the cable box and Blu-Ray. Cable had two options for the Digital Out: Two-Channel and DD. No change/sound. Blu-Ray is the same story. I changed the Digital Out to PCM, but it had no effect. A red light flashes on the Lexicon indicati... 
No sound for DVD, Blu-Ray, or Cox via digital.
Thanks very much for the replies. Based on the troubleshooting I've already done, the suggestions to set up the sources properly have a real ring of truth. I'll embark on that project asap and report back. Many thanks! 
No sound for DVD, Blu-Ray, or Cox via digital.
This is an AV receiver (6.1), so why would it need a two-channel signal? "Bypass " bypasses effects such as Logic 7, Panorama, etc. The issue is unchanged with or without effects. I suppose that was an extraneous detail. Sorry for any confusion. 
Idiotic Vertical Biamping Question
I just came across this thread while browsing. Coincidentally, I started vertical biamping my Sony SS M3's with two Rotel RB-980BX's (2x120) just about a month and half ago. Previously, I had been using just one of these. Removing the binding post... 
Help a new guy get started
Very nice. Congratulations! Consider biamping those speakers down the road, since you have the capability. Borrow an extra amp sometime and set up a simple passive biamp situation (Decco2 powering the tweeters and a two-channel powering the subs).... 
Help a new guy get started
Just to add another possible direction, at the risk of angering the townspeople, what about sinking your budget into the best active monitors your money will buy? Since you're going out and auditioning, tuck your source under your arm and plug it ... 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
Woodford, neat.Humboldt Kush, sticky. 
Three best audiophile CD/LP in your collection
I'm a bit out of my depth here, since I'm new to this. I'm not quite ready to strut around calling myself an audiophile. That said, there are some recordings from my paltry collection that just sing!1) Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" ep a... 
What's the objection to Floor Standing Speakers?
I agree that Tvad's answer is practically self-evident. Schipo also makes a good point about cost. I only have bookshelf speakers right now: Sony SS M3's. I'm waiting on stands. My Tannoy C-8's are gathering dust in a closet. I'm glad my wife was ... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
"Cheek to Cheek," as sung by Fred Astaire. Although, I suppose it's more of a seduction song than a love song. ;) 
Album which you have listened to most?
Great topic--not necessarily the "best" but the most played.1) Rain Dogs by Tom Waits. This is probably most people's intro to Waits. It was 1991, and I was 17 and a senior in high school. In a time before internet when some of us were vainly tryi...