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9-in arm for SPUs with easy VTA ?
FR 64s with the VTA base........probably the best for the SPU, if you dislike the Ortofon RMG 121 or RS 212.......... 
Kharma MP 150 any user?
I think that these anps are super sensitive on where you put them and how and what power cord you will use.....even at that 6 moons review it was mentioned....well, the sound deserves to be pampered!!! 
What features should a good CD player have?
I would go for unit with the separate DAC input......if the transport stops to be the will stil have the sound from your DAC and you will run the computer as transport. 
Kharma MP 150 any user?
Chuck, Thank you for your input. Yes the amps are almost silent if they are just on the hardwood floor....but I like the sound better, if they are on the Solid Tech stand....the power cord issue is not related to the buzzing, it is again to get th... 
Kharma MP 150 any user?
I use Shunyata, but also Yamamura cables....I get more musical expression with the old Yamamuras and a bit more "precision" with the Shunyata. I think I will buy the bullet and buy Kharma cords..... 
Power handling capability of original Quad esl 57s
if your speakers were updated and with new panels, I would buy VTL TT 25 monos and let the world roll...... 
Soundstage depth and width
depends on music you listen to....I would rather have the full dynamic spectrum, then depth or width, but of course it all comes together, so here you go! Get speakers and amplifiers, which can do 110-120 dB in your room and you will have it all. 
Kharma MP 150 any user?
Thank you Dgaylin. I did not hear the buzz before also, so I am wondering ....What power cords are you using, if I can ask? 
Have 300b MB want a killer pair of Hi-Eff speakers
Any speakers with PHY drivers...Ocellia comes first.... to my mind. 
Speakers for a 15w 6v6 integrated amp?
Tannoy may want more power and different tube,,,I would lok at single driver full range, no crossover designs. 
Marantz CD-7 Review
old thread, but all is exactly right about this player! One of the best ever build, now we know after all these years of digital audio! Worth to look around for it and use it as a player or as superb DAC for your computer audio.... 
Flip flopped orchestra?
Welcome at the high end audio! This is the stuff you will from now on be exposed to every time you listen to recordings from different labels,times and productions.....have fun! 
Ocellia 3 versus ANE SPE HE's
...that is the thing....nothing! 
Ocellia 3 versus ANE SPE HE's
If you using the Ongaku, I think the ANE is the synergy champ.....if you are not sold on speakers with no soundstage and only placed against the back wall....then go with the Ocellia's and let them sing in open, non damped room with lots of space ... 
Can you recommend some classical CD's for me?
get this one: CONCERTI CON MOLTI STRUMENTI (vol.2) ANTONIO VIVALDIConcerti RV 556 (2√®me version), RV 557, RV 572 , RV 566, RV 576, RV 577 et RV 585.Ensemble Matheus - Jean-Christophe Spinosi (violon et direction)Pierre Verany