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SPU cartridges - opinions?
all the different generations of SPU's have their own sound signature, that is why so many "old" cartridges are actually prized more in Japan, the land of these....if the Japanese would not keep the demand for these cartridges, we would have lost ... 
SPU cartridges - opinions?
try to search for the title...there is already lots of info in the archives... 
What I learned on Audiogon This Year
14)get used to the Chinese HI-FI...whatever it is!Happy New Year! 
How a turntable is like a gym membership
are you serious?(OP) Listening to music is culture and spiritual experience for me, so I do not mind any of the "inconveniences"....Vinyl more real then digital? Of course, no comparisons.... 
why do some turntables have multiple tonearms?
well, normally you use different cartridges for 50ties and 60ties music and again different for the after 7ties pressings....(SPU MONO65, SPU MONO25, SPU GE and SPU Silver Meister) and of course the EMT TSD 15.....FUN! 
Are my ears just fooling me?
the best sax I had was with Altec model 19's driven with the McIntosh MC240....never after that.... 
Grant Green suggestions
OH, all of his albums are my favorites...if I had to pick the best I would vote for Idle Moments....if you buy cd's go for the RVG remasters....but LP's are the best(of course) 
What you drink while listening sessions?
French Brandy or red wine........ 
Best Speaker for Ongaku
OK, too big.... then I would look at Ocellia speakers.... 
Best Speaker for Ongaku
right here on A'gon : Yamamura Churchill Dionisio 32 .... 
Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?
that is the point, is either music or the women..I do not like to mix it....hence I like ugly speakers and pretty women! 
Amps for Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage
also KR Audio amps are demoed with SF in Europe... 
Tube Single Ended Triode Questions??
KR Audio? 
The Thorens 124
Agree! Especially if you use the Shure and leave it in the era, where it belongs...Blue Note, Riverside, New Jazz...Magic! 
DL 103
any of the Denon (AU 320,340) transformers or Highphonic (TP 6) units....