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Power Cord & Platic Cable Covers
all my cables are made just from copper,cotton,paper and air(spacers)....sounds the best for me.... 
Burn in Step up transformer with ipod.
I would buy the Granite Audio burn in disc...MM and also MC. 
B&W matrix 801 s2 still a relavant speaker.
I am running 1972 JBL 4350A speakers and I think they are pretty relevant even today..... 
Ortofon 309 vs. SME 3012 for SPUs
I will also vote for the SPU is wonderful cartridge combining the "classic" sound and the new era sound....just be careful about the SUT you will be using with it. 
Vintage McIntosh Question
you may know, but DeWick is the best.... 
Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" drove me insane almost
hey, it is analog recording...there have to be noise, otherwise we would not like it!!! 
'Holographic Sound Stage?'
that is why I went back in time...all my stereo is from late 50's early 60ties....Have fun! 
Vintage McIntosh Question
I would. It is worth it.... 
What amplifiers should I have for Dyn Temptation.
big McIntosh amps or big VTL amps.....go big! 
hissing sibilants
agree about the phono is the most forgotten art of vinyl, that you have to find the best match for your cartridge (either loading it properly or the best match step up transformer....) 
Ortofon 309 vs. SME 3012 for SPUs
if you do search the forums, there are some threads about it all depends how far you want to go with the system...if you want to hear the SPU cartridges at the best... you should look for Ortofon tone arm. If you want more flexibilit... 
Dynavector 507 MKII + SPU?
Dyna and SPU is good match but I would buy maybe the Synergy or Silver Meister, not the 90 Anni...... 
Top resistors
Sorry for late response, but I like the AMRG in my active the debate on coloration, you have to try to hear for yourself.....especially if you find the AN tantalum to have none.... 
Top resistors
New kid on the blog here...try some Amtrans AMRG.... 
Denon SUT or Micro Seiki head-amp?
I would have no problem with the Denon SUT into your Project...especially if you like the sound of the Project. To change for something else would mean change of bigger magnitude and quite frankly it may not work for you.....